Altitude Organic Medicine – Platte Location Dispensary Review

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Altitude Organic Medicine - Platte Location









  • Outstanding Flower!
  • Large selection
  • Friendly knowledgeable staff


  • Can order by phone but not online


Altitude Organic Medicine on Platte is but one of 3 locations in Colorado Springs owned and operated by the top shelf dispensary chain. All three stores maintain separate grows and therefore offer different strains at each location. The company prides itself on growing and selling only top shelf 100% organic Cannabis with a focus on Quality over Quantity. As any cannabis that doesn’t make the grade doesn’t get sold, the number of available strain types fluctuates; Typically, each store will carry between 5 and 15 strains. In an effort to control quality, absolutely no shake is used or sold here at all – only top shelf bud. Every batch of cannabis has been laboratory tested to insure you are receiving only the bet medical cannabis you can buy. Full product menus are updated daily on so you can always be sure of what they have. As an added bonus, Altitude Organic Medicine also accepts credit and debit cards!


Altitude Organic Medicine is located on 2354 E Platte Ave in a small, non-descript building. The lot has space to accommodate about 15 cars and has easy in-and-out access. The building is handicap accessible with both a ramp and stairs. Behind the large wooden double doors awaits a large, tastefully decorated reception area in which to check in. Black leather lounge chairs are available while you wait, and there is a water cooler in case you need a quick drink. Located next to the reception window is a door to the Express Station, a private area where members who phone in orders can pick up their goodies. This area also has its own separate exit out the back, but patients must still enter through the front doors.


Once signed in you can enter the main room and experience the warm atmosphere, friendly & knowledgeable budtenders, and a nice assortment of Cannabis products available for you to examine. The main room consists of 3 identically setup stations containing an assortment of products manned by a truly awesome budtender. The goal of the budtender at Altitude Organic Medicine is to assist you in every way possible in finding the right medicine for your needs. Unlike other dispensaries where you are rushed through the process, the staff here will work tirelessly to make sure you leave happy with all your questions answered!

Strains are rotated often but great care is given in choosing their replacements so that they can maintain the best selection. As of this review the Platte location currently boasts 17 strains and 24 different types of Edibles populating its 3 displays. Each display has the same items so there is no need to have to hop around the entire store to make sure you see everything. Budtenders will highly encourage you to examine the flower, so you can experience (and smell) the quality they offer. Each station has a large lighted magnification lens, so you can view the trichomes in all their glory and splendor. These guys are very proud of their product and will go through great lengths to show you!


The flower available at Altitude Organic Medicine is truly top shelf and arguable some of the best looking medical cannabis you can buy in Colorado Springs. Some of their strains are so covered in trichomes they look like they have been dusted with powdered sugar. Opening the glass jars release some of the most mouthwatering smells you can imagine. Each strain carries its own exhilaratingly unique scent, easily distinguishable from that of its neighbor on the shelf. This is extremely important when looking for quality medicine, a jar of cannabis should not smell like a freshly mowed lawn. The taste of the flower totally matches the aroma and is nice and smooth on the throat with flavors lingering on your tongue on the exhale. Altitude Organic Medicine definitely some of the highest quality medical cannabis available!

Along with quality buds, Altitude offers a decent assortment of edibles and topicals along with a collection of high quality concentrates to round out your choices. Topping out the concentrate offerings is the Connoisseur Pack from Absolute Terps. If you have never experienced this, it should be on your bucket list! One gram of crystalline isolate THC-A with a side of distilled terpenes. Mix together or use separately for a personalized connoisseur experience! For those who prefer pre-rolls, Altitude offers pre-packaged cones available in 5 and 10 packs, with the latter containing 8 grams of flower! There are certainly a wide array of product offerings to accommodate even the most discriminating of patients.


Membership to Altitude Organic Medicine has its privileges for sure! Along with substantial product discounts, Altitude offers some great member perks including access to Member Only Strains and text specials. Members also receive other perks such as a signup bonus and a present on your birthday. Add this to the daily specials and you can really save some cash! For those patients who have a hard time affording their meds, Altitude offers a “Compassion Program” which can help ease the financial burden for those who qualify. Ask your Budtender for details.

Medible review special

First time patients are treated like members and receive member pricing on Flower or 20% off the entire store (excluding buds in jar). First time patients also get a $20 1/8th when you mention Weedmaps to your Budtender. Be prepared to be challenged!

WEEKLY SPECIALS (as of January 2018)

Monday: Everyone gets member pricing on flower up to 1 oz.

Tuesday: 2 grams for $2 after $50 purchase of flower OR $10 off the purchase of 2 regular priced OZ!

Wednesday: Receive 20% off Shatter/Wax/Hash and members get 25% off!

Thursday: 4.5-gram eighths, 8-gram quarters, 15-gram half oz.!

Friday: Receive 20% off all single pre-rolls & pre-roll packs while members receive 25% off! Saturday: 20% off all edibles, accessories and topicals for non-members & members receive a 25% discount


After first visit, non-member prices are: $10/gram, $30/eighth $55/quarter, $110/half oz., $180/Oz, $360/2 Oz’s

Altitude also offers to its members $100 oz. specials on certain strains.


Altitude Organic Medicine has stepped out in front of the Colorado Springs dispensary market as one of the clear leaders of quality medical cannabis production. The have perfected the winning combination of stellar flower and some of the nicest and most educated Budtenders who are more than willing to go the extra mile. You owe it to yourself to go see what they have to offer. Compare their flower to that of your current dispensary and you will probably be shocked at the difference. If you are a new Medical Marijuana patient in Colorado Springs, know that the staff at Altitude Organic Medicine will help painlessly guide you through the process of finding the right medicine for you.

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Altitude Organic Medicine – Platte Ave
2354 E Platte Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80909
9:00am – 6:55pm 7 days a week

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