Cannabicare - 1466 Woosley Heights, Colorado Springs, 80915


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  • Lots of options to choose from
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff
  • Free beverages


  • None really

Cannabicare – A Sweet Dispensary on the East Side – Review


Located on the East Side near Platte and Marksheffel, The Cannabicare medical marijuana dispensary sits on a small loop inside a complex of industrial style buildings. There is a small parking lot of about 6-8 spaces located on the side and a few places on the street as well. The neighborhood has an industrial feel but it’s quiet – not a high foot traffic area. A quick buzz of the outside door brings you to a small waiting room area where I presented my required documents and was quickly checked in.


The Interior

The next door opened to a large open room with a few nice soft looking couches and tasteful décor. I was immediately greeted by a smiling budtender and offered a complimentary beverage from the cooler. A display case in the center of the room showed off their flower, but as I was here to look at infused products I gravitated towards the display cases towards the back.

The first refrigerated case had about 8 different cannabis infused drink options and an assortment of tinctures, truffles, and other cold items on display along with a large assortment of concentrates. The next case was jam packed full of infused edibles; chocolates, gummies, cookies, mints and candies fill every square inch of shelf space. Prices are clearly displayed and seem to be average.

The Choices

Cannabicare not only offers edibles, they keep a nice selection of other infused products as well. Transdermal patches, lotions, creams and other topical applications from multiple manufacturers round out the wide array of choices this dispensary has to offer. In all, there are at least 2 large display cases almost totally devoted to Medibles and other infused products, along with a shared refrigerated case for the cold stuff.  

Having lots of choices can be both a blessing and a curse, especially for the uninitiated. Having a knowledgeable budtender is the solution here and Cannabicare has plenty of them. Everyone I have spoken to has had no problem answering my questions, and when in doubt they made sure to find out for certain. I never had any issues with buyer’s remorse, thankfully they seem to carry only quality products.

The Verdict

Overall, the large edible and other infused product assortment and friendly, knowledgeable staff makes this is an excellent dispensary and definitely worth checking out if you are on the East side.

Cannabicare – 1466 Woosley Heights, Colorado Springs, 80915

(719) 573-2262

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