Weed Themed Ugly Sweaters for Every Holiday Pot Party

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If you’d like to put a stoner twist on your next ugly sweater party, check out these marijuana themed ugly sweaters.

“Have Yourself A Marijuana Christmas” Ugly Sweatshirt


May your holidaze be high with this “Have Yourself a Marijuana Christmas” ugly sweatshirt.  Featuring an “ugly sweater” style design, this sweatshirt makes a great gift for any stoner on your list, or pick one up for your next ugly sweater party!

Available from Amazon ($24.99).

Merryjuana Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt


Available in black or green, this ugly Christmas sweatshirt is the perfect way to bring some “merryjuana” to your next holiday party.

Available from Amazon ($13.95).


Marijuana Themed Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt


Sweaters not your thing? Check out this marijuana themed ugly Christmas sweatshirt.  The all-over print of this unisex sweatshirt features cannabis leaves, bongs and reindeer, perfect to bring holiday cheer to your next party.

Available from Amazon ($21.99).

Club Santa T-Shirt


Kick it with Santa in da club and make that paper rain in this dope all-over print Club Santa T-Shirt design. Tis the season to be naughty.



Available from RageOn! ($25).

Santa Bringing the Trees Sweatshirt


Party with Santa and his little penguin helper this year by wearing this all-over-print Santa Bringing the Trees Crewneck Sweatshirt.  Perfect for your next ugly sweater party or for spreading some “cheer” during the holidaze.

Available from RageOn! ($65).


Sativa Santa All-Over Print Sweatshirt


Santa’s not giving out coal, he’s got his girl MaryJane to stuff in your stockings in this festive all-over print Sativa Santa sweatshirt design.   All Santa’s asking in return is for that milk and cookies to crave those munchies.

Available from RageOn! ($65).

Merry Kushmass Smoking Santa Sweatshirt


Puff puff puff… Have yourself a Merry Kush-mass!!! Santa’s only request is that you leave out the milk and cookies for his munchies in this holiday filled all-over print Christmas Tree Crewneck Sweatshirt design.

Available from RageOn! ($65).

Gingerbread Marijuana Ugly Sweater


Perfect for your ugly sweater party this Christmas!  Features subtle pot leaves and some ‘baked’ gingerbread men.  Assorted sizes available.

Available from Amazon ($24.95),
and TV Store ($19.95).

Medible review weed themed ugly sweaters for every holiday pot party

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