Vaping CBD with the Ghost MV1

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Vaping CBD with the Ghost MV1

 I recently obtained a sample of the high-CBD cannabis strain Elektra, a delicious cross between ACDC and ERB. These potent compact buds pack a whopping 33:1 CBD to THC ratio into an aromatically exquisite package.  What better way to enjoy this then in a quality vaporizer like the Ghost MV1!

Vaporization is a much more effective option for getting the most out of your precious flower. By avoiding first pass metabolism in the liver, vaporizing CBD allows for upwards of 50-60% bio-availability – almost 4 times that of the oral route. Just as importantly as achieving homeostasis, you get to experience the true flavors the plant has to offer.

Since a higher bio-availability means you need much less flower to achieve the beneficial effects, it seemed an obvious fit to the Ghost MV1’s small crucible and its precisely controlled convection heating. Knowing that CBD has a boiling point of somewhere between 320 – 356 degrees F (160-180 C), setting the Ghost to 357 degrees allowed for perfect vaporization of both CBD and the predominant terpenes of this strain.

Vaping CBD Flower

When vaped, high-CBD flower delivers immediate, powerful effects that bring on swift relief for many ailments like chronic pain, inflammation, seizures, and anxiety. The extremely high CBD:THC ratio means that you can achieve these results without the head high associated with THC, but at the same time the minute amount of THC positively contributes to the entourage effect which helps magnify the healing power of CBD.

The Ghost MV1 is truly the best way to vaporize your CBD on the go! Load up the crucible holder with some extra doses and keep it near, you never know when you will need them. The near instant heating and cool-down of the Ghost makes this the perfect CBD one-hitter; your precious cargo never sits there baking away when you are not.

No Combustion Necessary

The on-demand convection heating of the Ghost MV1 guarantees you will never scorch your herb, and the finely controllable temperatures ensure that you get only what you want out of the flower, with nary a burnt taste to be found. Speaking of taste, the flavor profile extracted with the Ghost is truly out of this world.

If you suffer from any ailments that you think CBD will help you with, vaporizing is the best way to find out if CBD will work for you (and odds are, it will)! To get the most efficient vaporization possible, the Ghost MV1 is a perfect choice that you can use at home or on the road. Pick one up this holiday season and see what you have been missing!

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