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It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time buying a bong or if you’re an experienced user – picking the right piece can be a daunting task. The market introduces new items regularly, each with different selling points, and finding a suitable choice can be confusing. When shopping, you will find various styles, glass thickness and design features, making it challenging to settle on the one perfect bong. But with this guide, selecting the best bong won’t be a hassle. Read on to discover the key things to look out for when determining your ideal bong.


The physical appearance of bongs & water pipes is an important consideration when you’re picking your new bong. Different styles will appeal to different users. Styles have some level of influence on how the bong works too. Bongs come in three main styles: beaker, recycler and straight tube.

  • The beaker produces high volume and medium density smoke that may be hard to clear. However, they come with a wide base that holds more water, and this makes them very stable.
  • The recycler is just as the name says – they reuse the water. Recyclers are suitable for people who want to smoke concentrates. They can be a little complicated for a beginner.
  • The straight tube offers a hassle-free smoking experience. The smoke is dense and is effortless to suck making it easy to clear. They don’t hold a lot of water and this means the percolation process is smooth. However, their small bases make them easy to topple over.


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There are different materials used for making bongs including ceramic, acrylic and silicone, but glass bongs are generally safer and more popular. Plus, glass is versatile and offers room for enhancements. It’s easy to add multiple chambers, percolators, and ash catchers on glass water pipes. Also, the hits experienced in a glass bubbler are clean and authentic in taste.

The quality of the glass used to make a bong determines various factors relating to quality and performance. For instance, high-quality glass pieces work for a long time with little to no issues of malfunction or breakage. The glass also determines the bong’s ability to withstand heat and maintain consistent temperatures during sessions.

To find high-quality glass, look at:

  • The type of glass – The best material for a bong is premium borosilicate (or medical glass). It’s durable and doesn’t wear or tear easily which ensures the bong functions properly and for a long time. Borosilicate is also convenient to clean and doesn’t collect a lot of build-up and residue.
  • The thickness of the glass – Glass thickness determines the durability of the bong for different uses. The devices come in different thicknesses including 2-3mm, 3-5mm, and 5-7mm. The thicker the glass, the harder it is to break.
  • Finishing – Looking at the quality of workmanship can help determine whether an item is reliable. How the joint seams appear, whether smooth or uneven, can tell the quality of glass used. It’s important to use a well-joined bong that won’t break prematurely.

Percolator Design

When looking at the bong’s percolator, consider how smooth the filtration is and the suction it will take to pull smoke through the holes. Percolator styles include:

  • Honeycomb – This is a popular percolator because it offers excellent filtration and effortless drag.
  • Showerhead – These percolators often work in conjunction with a second percolator or a recycler.
  • Turbine – This type of percolator offers excellent filtration along with added style.
  • Tree – a popular choice that offers excellent filtration and effortless drag
  • Inline – These percolators can vary in the quality of filtration provided. The more slits in these percolators, the better the filtration.

Ash Catcher

An ash catcher helps cool the smoke and adds an extra level of filtration by preventing ash and resin from mixing in the water. It also keeps your bong clear of resin and residue, making cleaning and maintenance simple. If you’re looking at bongs that don’t come with an ash catcher, you will likely want to grab one to keep your bong working well.


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Bongs in the market come in a range of sizes from mini to large to suit any lifestyle needs. For instance, if you plan to travel regularly, you might want a small size that’s convenient to pack in any suitcase. But if you’re planning on smoking mostly at home, a large size with more room for additional accessories would be a welcome choice. Plus, a bigger bong makes an excellent statement piece when it’s not in use.


All bongs collect tar and smoke that may make them work inefficiently if not cleaned. Plus, it’s pretty gross to smoke from a dirty bong. That’s why considering how easy it is to clean a bong becomes an important consideration when buying. The more simplified a bong is, the easier it is to clean. A curved or twisted bong will require extra effort to clean all the nooks and crannies whereas a straight tube bong will be almost effortless to clean. Alternatively, if you know you don’t put in the effort to clean your piece regularly, make sure you opt for one with an ash catcher to keep your piece from getting dirty quickly. With an ash catcher, you only need to regularly clean the ash catcher.

Finding the Best Bong

Though your personal preferences will influence which bong you choose, the tips above will help guide you to choosing the best option for your needs.

Once you’ve picked the right bong, the next step is to find the best cannabis to use on the new device. Today, it’s easy to access various cannabis products to use for recreational or medical purposes. A medical card user can buy from medical dispensaries, adult use dispensaries or order farm direct hemp flower from certified cannabis growers. For instance, those using cannabis for health reasons can visit your state’s health services ministry to find out how to go about the medical marijuana process

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