What are one-hitters for cannabis and how to use them

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What are one-hitters for cannabis and how to use them

Do you enjoy having a quick and small hit of weed while on the go? Are you trying to control your hits and save stash? Are you used to micro-dosing? If any of the above is your case, then a one-hitter pipe like The Dart is the perfect accessory for you. If not, you might anyway want to try out this not-so-common, yet handy accessory.

What Are One-Hitters

A one-hitter pipe, also known as a “bat” or “chillum,” holds about a single hit of cannabis and it is perfect for occasions when you want to have a quick, small hit discreetly. These pipes are usually made from metal or glass and have a tube-like shape with the mouthpiece on one side and the bowl on the other. You can choose yours from a range of different styles, including glass bowls to cigarette lookalikes, with the latter being a low-profile solution if you prefer to use it on the go.

How to Use an One-Hitter

One-hitters can often come as part of a set called a “dugout.” Dugouts contain a bat holder, as well as a case to store ground cannabis, enabling you to twist the end of your one-hitter into the ground weed to pack it easily and fast. With or without a dugout, you can use the one-hitter following three simple steps:


  • Step 1: Fill the end of your one-hitter with ground cannabis. The easiest and most efficient way to pack your one-hitter is to press the bowl carefully into ground weed and twist the pipe. If you repeat this a few times, you should have a packed bowl. It’s best if you don’t grind the weed too finely because it is likely to turn into ash as soon as it gets lit and ends up in your mouth. Also, make sure you pack the bowl fairly tight, so the bud will stay in place when you turn the pipe horizontally, while at the same time, it shouldn’t be too compressed or it will block airflow.


  • Step 2: Place the mouthpiece end against the center of your lips and pull softly while lighting the weed at the other end of the pipe. Gently inhale the smoke, hold it, and feel the soothing effects. Once you feel the need to exhale the smoke, slowly release it.


  • Step 3: When you are finished, you should always clear the pipe. Firstly tap the one-hitter gently to remove the ash and then blow straight into the mouthpiece. This leaves it ready for the next hit. For more thorough cleaning, you can now and then use a firm tool, like a paperclip, to poke the leftover ashes out the tube.


What makes the one-hitter a practical accessory is that it is discreet on the eyes if you choose one that looks like a cigarette, but it is also low profile when it comes to the smell, as it doesn’t produce that much smell because you are taking a single hit each time. Moreover, fitting a specific amount of weed is very useful because it helps you save stash and also makes it the ideal tool for micro-dosing. Using one-hitters is convenient when you want to have a quick smoke, let alone it is a discreet accessory that you can easily carry on and refill.


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