tCheck 2 Review – Best device of 2023

tcheck 2 review expansion kit

tCheck 2 Home Cannabis Potency Tester




Ease of use




Range of test samples


Overall Value



  • Easy to use
  • Accurate enough for most
  • Easy to clean
  • Takes less than 60 seconds
  • Way cheaper than lab testing
  • Pays for itself fast


  • Testing limit is 15mg/ml
  • Requires sample dilution

It has been a while since our last review on the tCheck 2 portable home cannabis potency tester. I was quite impressed with this device, despite some negative reviews. I found the tCheck to be accurate enough for most casual home users, and not extremely difficult to use.

Now that I have been using the tCheck 2 for 3 years, I figured it was time to revisit this marvelous device with a new and updated review. Does the tCheck 2 really work? What, if anything, has changed? We will answer these questions and more in this tCheck 2 review.

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tCheck 2 review…check again!

Because anything good is worth doing twice.

The tCheck 2 is a fast and inexpensive way to measure the strength of your cannabis infusions to guarantee consistency. There is nothing worse than not knowing what you are taking, and the tCheck 2 review takes the guess work out of that.

For those of you who do not know, the tCheck 2 is a portable UV spectrometer that, in conjunction with an app on your phone, can quickly measure the cannabinoid content of your raw flower or infusions. A test takes less than 60 seconds and the app gives you a breakdown of your dominant CBV.

tCheck 2 review - Expansion Kit review
tCheck review reddit – Expansion Kit review

Overview of the tCheck 2

The tCheck 2 consists of a relatively unobtrusive small plastic box, maybe 3×5 inches by an inch and a half thick. One side houses a singular power button and a rectangular slot. After powering on the device, the tCheck logo lights up to let you know its working, and starts blinking.

Connect to the tCheck with your mobile phone via Bluetooth. If you have not already, download the app, create an account, and login. You are all set! I always like to check to make sure you have the latest firmware; this can easily be found in the app settings.

tcheck 2 review white
tCheck 2 review – White

tCheck 2 Sample Preparation

Now that you are connected, you are ready to test. If you have not already prepared your sample, now is the time to do so. The tCheck requires the infusion you are testing to be below a concentration of 15mg/ml, as this is its upper testing limit.

If your sample is too high, you will need to dilute it. The best way to do this is to take 1 drop of your infusion and add 9 drops of the base medium you used. (i.e., if you infused olive oil, add 9 drops of plain olive oil to one drop of infused).

Mix well and use this sample to test. As this sample is only 1/10th the strength of your original infusion, you will simply need to multiply your results by 10 to get your original infusion strength.

Running your first test with the tCheck 2

Processing a sample with the tCheck 2 is a relatively easy process. Simply place 3-4 drops of your prepared infusion sample into the circular well on the slide bottom and cover with the tray lid. Make sure there are no air bubbles present, as they will skew your results.

Turn on the tCheck 2 and make sure that it is paired with your phone. Open the app and click the big green button at the bottom of the screen to start your test. A screen will appear asking for input on what test you wish to perform.

Choose the option that fits your scenario and proceed to the next screen which will ask for your infusion temperature. This does not have to be exact, just use the current ambient temperature if your infusions were not just immediately made.

Choose “Begin test” and follow the on-screen instructions. Once the reading is complete, the app will display the percentage of cannabinoids present in your infusion in either mg/ml. You can also change this to mg/tsp and mg/tbsp for easy reference.

tCheck 2 review - The Results
tCheck 2 review reddit – The Results

tCheck 2 FAQ

Does the tCheck 2 work?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes! Not only does it work, but the level of accuracy is excellent for most home users. The tCheck 2 can test a solution of up to 15mg/ml in strength. If yours is more potent, you will simply need to dilute it in order to get a successful reading.

In fact, compared to a few years ago, the tCheck can now test more mediums with greater accuracy! If you make your own infusions, or grow your own flower, you definitely need a tCheck! The tCheck 2 comes with the tCheck device, a reusable sample tray, 3 AAA batteries and an eye dropper.

What can the tCheck 2 test?

The tCheck 2 portable home potency tester is capable of testing Isolate infusions as well as decarbed flower infusions in the following mediums:

–Infused clarified butter (cannabutter)
–Infused coconut oil & MCT
–Infused extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
–Infused alcohol tinctures

There is an expansion kit available that also allows you to test your raw flower as well as winterized concentrates. These tests require proper sample preparation, but it is a simple process that shouldn’t give you any issues.
The expansion kit comes with a scale and all the reagent & tools you will need to perform your tests.

How accurate is the tCheck?

We all know that it is important for a device claiming to be able to measure cannabinoids to be able to accurately determine them. If it was not accurate, the device would not be worth the money spent.
So just how is the tcheck accuracy in measuring THC or CBD content in your infusions? Let’s look at the tcheck 2 accuracy.

–Isolate based Infusions:  +/- 2 mg/ml
–Flower based infusions:  +/- 4 mg/ml
–Flower & concentrates: +/- 3 percentage points

Read the full article from tCheck for more information Is the tCheck 2 accurate?

What is the measurement range of tCheck?

For THC and CBD, the ranges for which the tCheck can accurately measure are as follows:

Olive Oil: 1 – 15 mg/ml
Butter/Ghee: 1 – 15 mg/ml
Coconut/MCT Oil: 1 -15 mg/ml
Alcohol Tinctures: 1 – 15 mg/ml

For measuring THCa, the ranges are much higher. The tCheck can read the THCa content in non-decarbed flower and concentrates at the following strengths:
Flower: 1 ~ 40%
Concentrate: 1 ~ 99%

Does tCheck require an app to work?

Yes, the tCheck requires an app to function. The tCheck device itself has only a single power button and a slot for the sample tray, there is no onboard display as there was on the original version. The good news is that any phone with iOS 11+ or Android 5.0+, with Bluetooth LE (4.0) support can run the tCheck app.

Can tCheck test hemp oil?

At this time, tCheck cannot test hemp oil.

Is there a tCheck Alternative?

The tCheck 2 is the only product of its kind available on the market today. Your only other way of testing your infused cannabis products would be to send them to a lab.

Can the tCheck measure CBD?

Yes! The tCheck 2 is perfectly capable of measuring the CBD content of your infusions. It’s a very handy tool to test your commercially purchased CBD tinctures too! You never know what you are really getting until you test!

Benefits of the tCheck 2

Easy to understand results

Measurements for your oil or tincture is shown in mg of cannabinoids per mL (or teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, etc.) allowing you to easily understand the strength of your infusions.


Accurately blend your infused oil with un-infused oil to achieve the exact potency in each serving of your edible. No guessing, no taste testing.


Measure the potency of your oil or tincture in just a few minutes.


tCheck self-compensates for ambient room temperature and age of the internal light sources for the most consistent and accurate measurements. Each device is calibrated using 22 oil/cannabinoid combinations at the factory using HPLC certified standards.

Unlimited log results

Store all of your measurement readings along with notes in the cloud.

tCheck 2 & LEVO II Bundle
tCheck 2 & LEVO II Bundle

Bundle Alert! tCheck 2 and the LEVO II Oil Infuser – A match made in Heaven

Elevate your cannabis kitchen with the ultimate duo! The LEVO Infusion Machine x tCheck Kit makes DIY edibles a breeze. Take the mess and confusion out of your infusion process and know exactly how potent your finished brownies and gummies will be.

Use the LEVO II and tCheck together

These 2 devices complement each other perfectly. The LEVO II oil infuser is a single device that can dry, decarb, and infuse! Use the tCheck to test your infusions so that you know exactly what you are consuming. Some benefits of the LEVO II oil infuser and the tCheck2:

  • Infuse and test your own coconut oil, EVOO, and butter
  • Gives you total confidence in your cannabis creations
  • Saves money by making your own affordable edibles and infusions at home
  • Avoids manual recipe calculations
LEVO II Oil Infuser tCheck 2 bundle
LEVO II Oil Infuser tCheck 2 bundle

Features of the LEVO II Infusion Machine

The LEVO II is a powerful device; Everyone who makes their own extracts or edibles should have in their kitchen. If you want to find out more about the LEVO, check out our LEVO II review!

  • 3 features in one machine: Dry, activate, and infuse your herb.
  • Easy and intelligent digital display that includes timer, temperature presets, and precise temperature sensors.
  • Effectively ensures maximum strength while requiring no emulsifiers, solvents, or additives. Stepping infusion method ensures cleaner infusions and better taste
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, and reduced smell.
  • Ceramic-coated, slanted reservoir for mess-free dispensing. No straining required.

What’s included in the Bundle

  • One tCheck device, patented polymer reusable tray (hand wash only), 3 AAA batteries, oil dropper
  • One LEVO II Infusion Machine, Power Pod (holds 8 grams or ¼ oz), ceramic-coated reservoir (holds up to 16 oz. of liquid), silicone stirrer
  • 6 Month Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty on tCheck Potency Tester
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty on LEVO II Infusion Machine

Need a tCheck 2 coupon code?

You can use the code Mediblechef and receive $25.00 off your tCheck 2 or the tCheck 2 & LEVO II Oil Infuser bundle!

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