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Medible review featureimageFinding the right strain and dosage can be a long and confusing process. Up until recently, I kept track of a strain’s performance with my amazing mental capacity. Conversely, I never really was able to fully remember which strain really worked for what issue.

I tried taking notes, that lasted about 1 time. I thought about making an excel spreadsheet to track my usage but that’s as far as I got…thinking about it. Then one day I stumbled upon an ad for a Cannabis session tracker app called Strainprint.



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Strainprint is a free, easy to use app for your phone that allows patients who are using cannabis to track how they treat a wide variety of ailments! The Strainprint app allows for an individually tailored patient experience integrating patient lifestyle, activity level and other factors that may affect strains and dosage.


By offering an individually tailored experience, The Strainprint cannabis session tracking app is able to gather feedback and data which will then help guide other patients optimally. Strainprint offers real-time data tracking allowing patients to get the most accurate feedback and guidance from the app providing them the best possible treatment experience.

Strainprint allows access to a global community of patients who are also using cannabis treatment for relief. Having access to this data allows patients to compare the strains they are using and what others are seeing the most benefit from. With this access, patients will be able to see a strain that may be trending that matches their exact symptoms and they may want to try.



Medible review phone 2 1Strainprint is very easy to use! You first create a profile that allows you to input your medical conditions and/or symptoms. After this is complete, you are free to explore the preloaded database of strains that have been input already. If you don’t find the strain you are looking for, you can add it to your custom list! Strains can be sorted by symptom, so you can quickly find the recommendations that have shown the best results.

Once you have found (or input) your strain, simply hit the “TRACK SESSION” button. The app will ask you a series of questions starting with what symptom you are treating, the severity of the symptoms, the strain you are using, ingestion method, and how much consumed. Just about every realistic consumption method is available in the app.

After a preset time, the app will ask for your feedback to track how well the strain works at resolving your issues. This data can be viewed by hitting the “SNAPSHOT” button and allows you to filter by effect. By using this data, you can accurately track which strains work best for you dependent upon the symptom!

Medible review rewards e1513972754523Strainprint has also decided to reward you for using their already excellent product! Every session that you track adds 25 “Strainpoints” to your account. These points accumulate and can be used for various merchandise available on their website, currently items ranging from hats and t-shirts to portable vaporizers! Simply use the app normally and your points will sit on the bottom of the screen until you are ready to use them.

**BONUS!** Enter the code Medible upon initial signup and receive 250 free Strainpoints to start you on your journey!



Strainprint has made perhaps the most valuable cannabis tracking app available and its free, what’s more to like? The ability to add your strains coupled with the detailed tracking metrics makes this app a true no-brainer! If you are a cannabis user, you absolutely must try this app! I have included a link below.

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**DONT FORGET!** Enter the code Medible upon initial signup and receive 250 free Strainpoints!

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