Sonoma Coma Marijuana Strain Review

Medible review sonoma coma marijuana strain review

Strain Overview

The Scoop: Sonoma Coma is an intense and extremely cerebral Sativa. A hard-to-find NorCal strain with enigmatic genetics, Sonoma Coma typically takes things up a notch the more you smoke. Creatively loud, if you hit this strain too hard, you won’t exactly fall into a coma, but you might find yourself yearning for one.

The Result:  Clearly, Sonoma Coma is a Sativa-lover’s dream, but not a novice’s strain. A spicy, citrus-infused, tropical treat of the cannabis variety, Sonoma Coma is a blast from the not-too-distant past. First cultivated by Happy Lil Trees (HLT) of Vallejo, California in 2011, she can be a tricky bud to locate at your nearby dispensary.

The Verdict: An energetic strain with a spicy and tropical terpene profile, Sonoma Coma is a good midday motivator for those seeking an intense head-high and an elevated mindset.

Strain Characteristics

Medible review sonoma coma marijuana strain review

Sonoma Coma Potency Profile

Type: Sativa

Also Known As: SC

Genetics: Unknown

Origin: Vallejo, California

How Stoned Will You Get: 8

Average THC: 17-25%

Average Price Per ⅛: $45

Awards: 2012 Best Sativa, 2011 3rd Place

Strain Profile

The Science: Due to the mysterious genetics, we need to drill down on her active cannabinoids and terpenes to understand Sonoma Coma’s potency. Tested by CB Labs in Oct. 2017, results indicate this specific batch Sonoma Coma had a total THC content of 24.11 percent, which included 0.28 percent activated THC and 23.83 percent  THCa. As for Sonoma Coma’s flavor and aroma, her overall essence was dictated by the following terpenes: dLimonene – 2.4 mg/g, β-caryophyllene – .78 mg/g, β-myrcene – .58 mg/g, and α-Pinene – .37 mg/g.

Appearance: Like Bob Ross’ happy trees, these plump little nuggets look like slightly-too-perfect trees. Covered in yellow, green, and orange hues, her pistils climb up from a wide base toward her smaller and narrower tops.

Consistency:  Sonoma Coma falls about midway through the density scale. It’s a Sativa, so it leans toward the fluffier, airier side of the consistency spectrum. Sticky and gooey, those caught ill-prepared without scissors or a grinder may have issues dissecting this strain with their bare fingers.

Scent: Whoever was behind the Sonoma Coma did a wonderful job with the aroma profile and flavor. Open the bag to find a subtle sour smell, enticing you to further investigate. Upon further review, you’ll likely find the sour notes give way to a more tropical scent spectrum – mango and pineapple, etc.

Taste:  Sonoma Coma’s aroma doesn’t really translate to her flavor profile. Sure, the sweet fruitiness will be here and there, but the tropical smells tend to make room for a sharper, spicier, hashy, earthy taste. That’s to be expected, given smoke carries the flavor and all, but the dichotomy between the aroma and taste in this strain is interesting.

Effect:  If you take a look above, you’ll notice Sonoma Coma is between the 17 percent and 25 percent for THC content. That’s pretty high. Get ready for an inspired adventure, perhaps even a mind-altering voyage, dependent on your intake. Be wary, anxiety and/or paranoia is a potential outcome of overindulgence.

Strain Background: A Sativa for the record books, Sonoma Coma was originally cultivated by Happy Lil Trees. A two-time winner in the Sativa category, Sonoma Coma won first place as best Sativa at the 2012 LA Medical Cannabis Cup, and took home the third-place trophy at the 2011 San Francisco Cannabis Cup.

Medical Uses: For those with an elevated tolerance level in search of kickstarting their creative juices, Sonoma Coma is right up your alley. But if you’re a first-time smoker or occasional toker, you might want to consider a more sedative strain. Sonoma Coma typically helps mitigate mild bouts of depression, nausea, and joint discomfort.

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