Smoking Etiquette: A Guideline to Smoking in the Sacred Circle

Medible review smoking etiquette a guideline to smoking in the sacred circle

Today is the day cannasseurs band together to roll up an extra fatty blunt to celebrate the lit holiday we know as National Blunt Day. Gather in a circle on this day of dankness and knight newbies into the brotherhood of blunt culture with some sparked greens wrapped in a fresh tobacco wrap.

Seasoned smokers adhere to a code of conduct when partaking in a social smoking circle. In this article, we’ve outlined a guideline of dos and don’ts that will fancy up your smoking skills and keep you rolling in the circle.

Let’s dive in.

Offer to Throw In

ball of cannabis pulled apart

Breaking up that good good.

Sometimes the blunt is rolled and ready, but a rule of thumb is to offer to throw in (aka contribute flower). This is a habit fellow rollers can appreciate, but of course no one should toss you out of the circle for not offering to contribute your cannabis. As a courtesy, if you have some flowers, get into the stoner spirit and share some buds with your buds.

Roller’s Rights

cat dressed as cowboy smoking

Tokin’ Cow-Kitty

Rolled and ready, spark that baby! The person who rolled the blunt gets to spark it and take the first toke. Nothing is more satisfying than sealing the tobacco leaf with that final lick. After finessing in the final touches on the blunt, the skilled cannabis crafter has earned the right to flame up first.

Puff, Puff, Pass

Archer gif passing a joint

Archer Crew Session

An ode to popular anthems like “Smokin’ Smokin’ Weed” and “Incense” by blunt culture idols, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, ‘Puff, puff, pass’ is used to keep the circle rotating smoothly. Take two hits of the blunt then hand it off to the person on your left. This process will continue in a clockwise rotation until it burns out.

Ash Before You Pass

Hades gif hitting a cigar fast and hard.

Hades trying to find his chill.

Hate stains? Ash strokes on your clothes are no fun either. Before passing the blunt clockwise, tap the tip to dust off the smoky flakes for a clean handoff. Be careful not to party foul and pop the cherry out of the wrap. (The cherry is the part of the blunt that’s burning, in case you’ve never heard that term before.)

Tidy Up

Gif of Mr. Clean mopping the floor and shaking his booty.

Mr. Clean showing off his skills and buns.

Don’t leave your friends hanging high and dry. Practice common manners when you smoke, whether by yourself or in a circle of friends. Lend a helping hand in the cleaning process by dumping the ashtray or spritzing the air with a spring freshener.

In the world of weed, smokers follow a canna-conduct to ensure everyone has a good time and reaps the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for both mind and body. A few more tips for bonus etiquette points include: do offer the last hit if you’ve reached the roach, don’t pass the blunt back with a soggy tip, and don’t take the lighter or bogart the blunt — if you’re telling a story, take your hits and keep it moving.

Leave a comment and tell us about your weediquette do’s and don’ts. What manners do you think should be universally adopted into the stoner circle?

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