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Skunk Inc. Smell-proof Pilot Bag


Build Material


Build Quality


Odor Blocking


Storage Configuration







  • 100% smellproof
  • Nice storage volume
  • Adjustable storage compartments
  • water/smell-proof zipper
  • Combination lock


  • Zipper is pretty tight at first

Skunk Inc. Smell-proof Pilot Bag review

 To smell or not to smell

 Cannabis is great stuff but let’s face it: it has an extremely potent aroma. When we carry cannabis, we merrily stroll about our business obliviously nose blind to what’s in our pockets or purses. To the rest of the world however, you might as well have just carried your favorite pet skunk into the room. Improperly storing your stash in your house or can also unleash that telltale “ganja air-freshener” scent that completely gives away its presence.

Skunk Inc. Pilot Bag

Fortunately, there’s a cure for this problem! Skunk Inc. has created a complete lineup of totally smell-proof bags containing top-of-the line patented activated carbon technology with a silver antibacterial lining. The activated carbon in the lining absorbs odors and harmful chemicals in its pores like a sponge, ensuring nothing is released into the outside environment.

Once the “carbon sponge” becomes saturated with those odor molecules (6-9 months) it will become less efficient. No worries! Just open it up throw it in the dryer on low for 10-15 minutes (empty, of course). This will release all the molecules trapped in the carbon and bring them back to their original odor-absorbing glory!

Cavernous storage in a small package

For storing your personal stash, the Skunk Pilot lockable soft case is the perfect solution. It’s size (10″ x 7.5″ x 3″) makes it easily transportable yet is roomy enough for just about everything you would need for a session. Entering the combination grants you access to the spacious interior featuring Velcro-adjusted compartment dividers and a lift out tray.

The removable tray has 7 elastic loops for items like lighters, small pipes or vaporizers, batteries or pre-roll storage tubes. The inside of the lid has a large mesh panel accessible via zipper which is a great place for storing papers or other accessories. The convertible interior has plenty of room for your stash jars, dab tools, grinders, even a small rig or e-nail! There’s a small mesh pocket inside at the base of the lid as well, I overlooked it at first.

The Skunk Pilot Bag comes with its own 3-digit combination lock to keep your contents secure without needing an additional lock. The bag comes preset with “0-0-0” but includes easy to follow instructions to change the code to your liking.  “4-2-0” is an easy one to remember, but probably doesn’t provide the best defense against someone trying to guess their way in to your stuff. Choose appropriately!

Bottom Line

The Pilot bag by Skunk Inc. is the perfect home and travel smell-proof storage solution for your cannabis storage needs. Its roomy interior provides ample storage for the average user, and the removable tray & mesh pocket on the lid hold all the small loose stuff. The lockable zipper is also sealed and are both smell proof and water proof. Dividers make the inside adjust to your storage needs and provide additional padding.

Overall this is a high-quality produced bag worthy of looking into. It truly doesn’t smell! Skunk Inc has other sizes available on their website as well if you are looking for something bigger or smaller than the Pilot bag. Each and every bag has the same odor absorbing technology no matter what the size. Check out the full line of Skunk bags at



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