Apollo AirVape X vaporizer review

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Apollo AirVape X








Battery Life






Ease of Use


Vapor Quality







  • Solid Construction
  • Dual Use
  • Ultra thin
  • Ceramic Vapor Path
  • Smell Proof Case!


  • Non-removable battery
  • Shorter battery life

Apollo AirVape X vaporizer review

 The Stealth Vape

 I am always on the lookout for discrete vaporizers for those moments when stealth is a plus. The problem I have noticed with most of the smaller form factor vaporizers is their performance usually suffers exponentially with size reduction. There are a few vaporizers out there that kind of fit the bill for ultra-stealthy yet still useable vapes, but they typically come with a hefty price tag. My search for a potent yet discrete vaporizer that won’t break the bank is officially over thanks to the Apollo AirVape X!

Medible review AirVape X with case oven view


The Apollo AirVape X vaporizer features an all metal design with a strong magnetic lid and an oval ceramic chamber for both flower and concentrates. This is a hybrid conduction / convection vape that features rapid controlled heating for extremely satisfying sessions.  With the included concentrate pad, the AirVape X is fully capable of handling your favorite concentrates making this a great dual-use vape!

The best feature of this unit is the size: The AirVape X measures a svelte 4.1″ Tall x 1.85″ Wide x .48″ Thick and weighing in at only 3.2 oz! Yes, you read it right, its less than a half-inch thick! Unlike models made of plastic, the Airvape X boasts an all metal construction seamlessly incorporating a 1.3-inch LCD display and the unit’s 3 buttons. The material quality here lets you immediately know this vape will hold up to whatever life throws at it.

The mouthpiece is made of black polished ceramic and features dual filters and 3 separate airflow chambers. Although the vapor path is not very long, this mouthpiece design does an excellent job of keeping things cool. Overall the unit does get warm while in use, but not hot by any means!

Medible review AirVape X width perspective


  • All Metal body – Strong enough for your pocket, no plastic parts to break or melt!
  • All ceramic vapor path and chamber – ceramic vapor path from start to finish for great flavor!
  • Dual use – this vaporizer can use both Flower and Concentrates!
  • Simple intuitive 3 button design with LCD Display – No phone app needed!
  • Single digit easy temperature control – Temperatures adjustable by single degree from 200 – 428 F. (93-220 C)
  • Rapid heating – max temp achieved in under 30 seconds.
  • Adjustable Auto shutoff – lets you control when the device turns off.
  • Haptic Feedback – Vibration lets you know when you have reached your desired temperature.
  • 1300 MaH battery – allows for 6 to 8 sessions at a time before needing a charge.
  • Micro USB Pass through charging – Vape plugged in, even with a dead battery! Full charge in about 1 hour.


The AirVape X is extremely easy to use, even without instruction. The unit has an easy to fill oval ceramic chamber hidden under a magnetic lid that secures to the top of the unit with a satisfyingly heavy click. The chamber itself is decently sized holding just under half a gram of herb. I found a finer grind to work best with this vaporizer, typical of Hybrid heating vapes. Once loaded, simply hit the center power button 3 times to activate the unit. Temperature can be changed by using the up/down arrows. Within 30 seconds the unit will vibrate, signaling its readiness.

Lower temperatures produce an extremely flavorful vapor on par with vaporizers far outreaching its price range, and at higher temperatures the vapor clouds were both flavorful and plentiful!  The included concentrate pad is easy to use as well. Simply place it in the chamber and load up your favorite concentrates! While probably not the vaporizer you want to own solely for concentrates (there are simply better things out there), it really does a decent job at producing low temperature dabs.

The unit has an adjustable auto-shutoff just in case you get, you know, sidetracked. After the shutoff, the unit will still produce vapor for the next 30-45 seconds while it cools down, so keep toking!

Medible review AirVape X Accessory Kit


Although the AirVape X does not have the largest battery in its class, I think the tradeoff is that a fine balance between stealth and power has been achieved here. Remember, this vape is less than half an inch thick! I got 8 full sessions off the first battery charge which should be more than enough to get the average user through the day.

The vape uses a standard micro-USB connection for charging, so losing the supplied cable is no big deal. Charging from completely dead took about 60 minutes. The AirVape X also offers pass through charging, so you can plug in and continue your session even with a dead battery! The battery is fixed and non-replaceable, which was most likely a requirement to keep the size down.

Medible review AirVape X Side View


Arguably one of the best features of the Apollo AirVape X is its size! Even inside the included X Shell case, the device is thinner than a wallet and easily fits unobtrusively into any pocket without screaming VAPE!!! Easily concealed in the palm of your hand, this vape is perfect for those quick puffs while out and about. At only 4.1″ Tall x 1.85″ Wide x .48″ Thick, its diminutive size looks more like a small MP3 player than a full powered vaporizer!

The second best stealth feature of this vape is the included case called the X Shell. This is a smooth hard plastic snap together case that solves the major problem shared by just about all portable vaporizers: the stench of freshly vaped herb. Having a discrete, stealthy vaporizer doesn’t mean a thing if the vape’s aroma is advertising its presence in your pocket like a bullhorn! The X Shell effectively blocks the smell without adding any bulk to the unit.

Final Thoughts

The Apollo AirVape X is probably one of the best vaporizers in its price range. It boasts many high-end features that are usually only available on higher priced models and is ruggedly designed. Operation is intuitive and battery life is decent, though not stellar. Vapor quality is fantastic for a unit this size and the included smell-proof case makes this a no brainer purchase for those looking for a powerful yet discrete dual use vaporizer. On top of all this, Apollo provides a Limited Lifetime warranty on the AirVape X which should help seal the deal.


Medible review AirVape X with Case

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