Oregon marijuana company tries to grow brand through cycling sponsorship

As more and more marijuana companies look for ways to get their brand name out in front of the public, an Oregon cannabis business has decided one way to do that is to sponsor a local cycling team.

Oregon-based cultivator Grown Rogue is backing the Portland Olympia Beer Cycling Team, according to a news release.

Medible review oregon marijuana company tries to grow brand through cycling sponsorshipThe move is designed, in part, to “encourage a new perspective on cannabis” and to help associate marijuana “with healthy active lifestyles,” Grown Rogue founder and CEO Obie Strickler said.

The company also has ambitions to “expand nationally in 2018,” according to the release.

Other MJ companies have sponsored a variety of causes over the years in an effort to spread their brands, such as adopting highways or, as one cultivator did in 2015. even sponsoring the Chicago Marathon.


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