Marijuana Deliveries Could Hit Colorado By This Fall

Medible review marijuana deliveries could hit colorado by this fall

Colorado legislators are taking another spin through marijuana delivery regulations.

A new bill aims to establish a marijuana delivery pilot program in the state, allowing for home-delivered medical and recreational cannabis.

The language of House Bill 1092 is similar to some of the marijuana delivery provisions included in legislation proposed last year. They were scrapped after Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper expressed reticence about such a proposal. Marijuana delivery would be a “hazard” and could draw the ire of federal agencies, he said.

This time around, the delivery proposal is a standalone bill with guardrails on the geographic extent of the deliveries, the number of licensed operations and the length of the trial period.

If approved, a state-licensed delivery provider could pick up medical or recreational marijuana products from a licensed dispensary or store and deliver the products to ID-bearing registered medical marijuana card holders or adults 21 years of age or older at a physical address. The delivery license holders would have to adhere to certain security and tracking measures; limits imposed on the amount of product in a vehicle; health and safety standards; as well as training requirements. [Read more at The Denver Post]

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