Maine panel moves to delay medical marijuana rules

A Maine legislative panel wants to delay medical marijuana rules that would crack down on caregivers, who are playing an increasing role in the state’s MMJ industry.

The Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee unanimously voted to support a bill to delay regulations that caregivers say could harm Maine’s medical marijuana industry, the Portland Press Herald reported.

Medible review maine panel moves to delay medical marijuana rulesThe rules, set to become effective Feb. 1, would allow Maine to conduct surprise inspections of medical marijuana providers and to inspect some users’ homes with a day’s notice.

The owners of a medical marijuana shop and two MMJ users recently filed a complaint in federal court to stop Maine from implementing the regulations.

Aside from the caregivers, whose number increased by 42% in 2016, Maine has eight licensed, vertically integrated cannabis businesses.

The bill to delay the rules until July would need speedy approval from both houses and Republican Gov. Paul LePage.

The governor has said Maine’s medical marijuana program needs reform.

– Associated Press

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