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The convenience of marijuana can be enjoyed until the quality of the weeds inside a pre-rolled joint fails. Different storage for the joints will have different qualities and components when it comes to marijuana pre-rolls. 

Before legal and regulated markets, consumers themselves were the ones rolling marijuana joints. However, as medical dispensaries and recreational stores rose, demand grew for ready-made joints. By now, pre-rolls are almost everywhere, serving as go-to gifts and general recommendations to cannabis newcomers.

There are benefits in buying pre-rolled joints from your dispensary, club, or store. Wherever you get your weed, they are destined to present some of it in a pre-rolled form. They are ideal for occasional smokers and novices looking for a small sample. 

Once you have the pre-rolled joints, you should manage to keep them well. If you have found well-cured joints, then you should maintain their curing for the protection of the quality. A dry, cool place that’s preferably sealed is what you want for storage. Joint tubes offer small, portable storage for your pre-rolls. These allow you to bring joints with you while discreetly concealing the scent. For long-term storage, people have been perceived to manage cigar tubes and pill bottles. 

Take note of plastic containers; these cover the risks of pulling an electrical charge, which sears the highest THC strain trichomes. Humidity packs are recommended to maintain the ideal moisture conditions and maximize the freshness in the storage. Invest in reliable storage if you do not want to sacrifice on the quality of your pre-rolled joints

It is also necessary to store joints in containers that can withstand being carried without breaking the contents inside.

Joints can be stocked for quite a long time, especially if the plant material used within them has been accurately dried and cured. Of course, if you store a rolled joint in a humid environment, it will more than likely start to generate mold. If you store a joint out in the open air, it will last for a short while, but will eventually begin to degrade and lose its potent taste and smell.

Storing a joint purposely within a container or specialized piece of kit will surely expand its shelf life, helping to keep it clean and fresh for when you finally light it up and get high. If your joints are stored in an airtight container, they will be in excellent condition when it comes time to toke. This is remarkably reliable in comparison to leaving them on a table or a shelf without protection.

These are some of the storage techniques prepared to help lengthen the shelf life of your joints and preserve them while they are being transported.

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The Saverette is an ideal need for smokers, particularly those who favor getting high with joints as opposed to bongs, pipes, or vapes. This amazingly valuable little thing is quite multi-functional and can be used in a multipurpose fashion. First off, it can be used to put a pre-rolled joint to keep it fresh and sound.

The Saverette can be used to store partially smoked joints. Placing a half-smoked joint into the Saverette and securing the container will extinguish the joint within five seconds. This frees you from burning it by putting it out yourself while serving as a safety net if you need to respond instantly. This container is created from heat-proof, hard plastic, so it will not melt or result in noxious fumes.

Cigar Tubes

Cigar tubes are an excellent and conventional way of storing joints. It has the right length to fit most pre-rolled joints, and their solid structure provides a completely bruise-free carrier. A reward to this way of storage is that you can use the cigar wrapping inside to roll a blunt.

Cone Tubes

Have you ever rolled a gorgeously structured joint, only to put it in your pocket and witness its total rubble upon arriving at your point of destination? This is a frustrating experience; however, there is an effective and precise way to dodge this matter. 

Cone tubes are similar to the Saverette, offering almost the same solution. These sleek-looking tubes serve as a container to store joints while being carried. They offer a firm plastic shielding cover that will limit your joint from getting twisted and crushed. Now, every time you travel with a pre-rolled joint, it will be in excellent condition by the time you are ready to light it. Cone tubes come in different colors to suit your liking, including black, orange, red, yellow, and blue.

Pill Bottle

Pill bottles make a suitable form of storage for pre-rolled joints. Although many of them are not very tall, they offer sufficient space to fit small and fat joints or those that are lightly smoked. Just like they do with the pills themselves, pill bottles work to block moisture and free radicals, conserving your joints for a long time.

Metal Jars, Cans and Glass Jar

Glasses work where other material misses because it does not change. Glass does not leak compounds or permits the temperature to change. This is not to say that no air is carried into the jar. Each time you open the lid, oxygen enters. In other words, if you are opening the jar every five minutes to check in with your rolls, you are not doing weed any favors. Only open it when you are taking your joint or putting in the same goes with your buds. Moreover, make sure your jar is size appropriate. If you have a more extended joints weed, use a tall jar.

A metal is a suitable option for glass. However, again, the lid or sealer matters: it must be airtight to be sufficient if you want to store your pre-rolled joints for a long time. Titanium is most recommended, but there are aluminum cans available in the market. The idea is that titanium will not change the flavor of the weed, turning it metallic. Like with glass, be sure that your metal jar, box, or can is kept somewhere dark and away from heat.

Zip Bag

Zip bags are a somewhat traditional means of storage, and they unquestionably have their downsides. For example, placing a half-smoked but still-lit joint inside the bag will burn through the plastic. 

Also, zip bags do not give a massive amount of protection during transport. However, they do serve as a surprising and cheap way to keep joints fresh when stored away at home. If zipped completely, they prevent air and moisture from getting in, limiting fast degradation and mold development of the joint. Also, you are going to have to deal with moisture, which in turn will cause your buds to have mold.

Pocket Schemes

The design is unsophisticated but very useful, pot purses are usually made of either 3 or 4 slips and strung with elastic to secure the material together and to keep your pre-rolled from falling out. This method is not going to keep the odor of anything, especially pungent inside, so this is not for use if you need to be discreet. It will undoubtedly keep your pre-rolled joints fresh and from getting damaged while on the move.

Humidor Wood Box

Humidors are “so cigar,” but they can be used for cannabis too. A humidor, as the name insinuates, helps control humidity, something profoundly significant to cannabis. Humidity plays against air— it does not dry out the weed, but it gives it too moist. Moreover, that placed the point for mold.

In an age of plastic, it is perpetually good to obtain a product that is both wooden and handmade. It is a traditional way of storing weeds for hiding and protecting your pre-rolled joints when on the move. 

Humidor does not solve the predicament of moldy pre-rolled joints completely. In essence, there is always a chance that the weed inside the roll was moldy when you purchased it. However, it does help you manage humidity, which will prevent healthy cannabis from developing mold. The best moisture levels are over 50 percent but less than 70 percent.

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Bottom Line

Rolled joints can be stored for a long time, even more than you could imagine. This is particularly correct when the plant material that you use inside the joint has gone through the proper curating and drying process. If you were to store your joint in a place where it is damp, it is clear that you would begin to see mold. If you were to store it in the open air, you would find that the pre-rolled joint would last much longer, but it would also be degraded, and so for that reason, the potency, smell, and taste would not be the same. 

Moldy weed is a complicated ballgame than the weed that is completely dried out. The molds can be unhealthy for you, especially if you smoke moldy weed routinely. Inhaling mold spores can increase the conditions you may already have like asthma while leaving you more prone to lung infections like pneumonia.

When you store a joint inside a container, this will lengthen its shelf life, keeping it clean and fresh when you get ready to smoke it so you can get high. In an airtight closure, your favorite weeds of either sativa or indica strains will be kept in excellent condition and provide better protection.

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