What is Third-party Lab Testing for CBD Hemp Extract?

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With the increasing production and consumption of CBD hemp extract, many companies are trying to cash in on the increasing demand for CBD hemp oil for vaping, patches, topicals to portable hookahs. It is an industry in itself. However, it is a little less regulated than other industries.

When it comes to buying CBD hemp extract or any other CBD product, it is advised to ensure that the product is third-party lab tested. You can also test your cannabis product at home with the tCheck 2 portable testing unit. You want to know that it is pure CBD. If you read the label on the product, the company makes some promises. You get a list of ingredients. Does the company use fresh and organic ingredients? Will you get the actual benefits promised on the label?

You are buying this product to enhance your healthy lifestyle. There should be no compromise on product quality and safety.

Third-party lab testing

As it is legal in most states, anyone can grow hemp and extract CBD oil. The quality, purity and potency of many products available on the market are questionable. Legit CBD companies want to maintain their reputation by distinguishing their quality products from poor quality products in the market. Therefore, these companies get their products tested by third parties before putting them up for sale.

This testing is not only good for the company but for consumers as well. As a customer, you expect transparency. You know what is actually there in the product. As a company, you gain trust and also retain your existing customers.

Companies offer different CBD products such as hemp CBD extract, CBD infused capsules creams and tinctures.

In other industries, the government inspects facilities and examines product quality to ensure that consumers do not get poor quality products that can be harmful to their health. Poor quality products are pulled from shells. However, this is a costly process. Depending on the size of the company, it may not even be a feasible option. This is where third party CBD testing can be helpful. Getting products tested by a third-party lab is not a requirement. However, third party testing protects the brand, the product and the consumer.

All high-end CBD companies use testing. This becomes a selling point for their products.

There are several third-party companies for hemp CBD extract testing. Keep in mind that a third-party testing company has nothing to do with the purity, potency and overall quality of CBD products. It simply tests. The quality of hemp CBD extract tincture capsules and other products depends on several factors.

One of the most important factors is the source. This plant can grow anywhere. However, the quality depends on the nutrient content of the soil. So, if hemp is sourced from a farm just next to a chemical plant, you are going to consume heavy metals with hemp CBD extract.

Does the company have its own farm? Does it get its supplies from some other farm? American farms maintain the highest quality standards. Therefore, read the label to ensure that the product uses American grown hemp. You can visit the website of the company to see who supplies hemp to the company.

Is it “full spectrum” or “whole plant”?

The whole plant is more effective than CBD isolates. The quality depends on flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids present in the product. The quality and effectiveness of the product also depend on other compounds present in the product.

The THC content determines if the product will get you high or not.        

There are different ways to extract CBD oil from the plant. This also affects the quality and purity of the product.

So, see if the product is tested in a third-party lab or not. What is the source? What is the THC content and how the oil is extracted?

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