How to Choose the Best Bong Type For Your Needs

Medible review How to Choose the Best Bong Type For Your Needs

A decent bong may make a major difference in the quality of your smoking experience. It might not be easy to choose the best bong for you when so many different options are available. Alternatively, you could feel that all bongs are the same or that choosing the right one is tough. If this is the case, you are mistaken on both counts, and you should be corrected. 

We’ve put up a straightforward guide to establishing your bong requirements and picking the best bong for your needs and preferences.

1. The Size of the Bong

Were you under the impression that the bigger the bong, the better? This is a blatant exaggeration of the situation. When choosing the ideal size for a bong, you must first decide what you want from the bong.

If you are a beginner smoker with little experience, a higher-powered bong may offer an overwhelming experience. Additionally, an eight to twelve-inch high pipe is recommended if you want to take your bong on the road. These bongs are compact and portable, and they are also known as “flavor savers” due to their capacity to retain the flavor of the herbs used in them. Since they are often less costly, a smaller bong is suitable for those on a tight budget.

Larger pieces, like glow skull bongs, are recommended for more experienced smokers to get the best hit possible. Higher-quality bongs produce more smoke and give extra cooling and filtration benefits. If you’re a long-time smoker, you’re probably well aware of the advantages of using a higher bong.

2. The Thickness of the Glass

To ensure that your bong lasts as long as possible, the thickness of the Glass is crucial. 

Naturally, the thicker the bong, the better, but keep in mind the bong’s setting as a consideration. If it’s secure and will only be used in a single room, you shouldn’t be concerned about the thickness. 

If you want to take it with you or have people who are prone to dropping things, get the thickest Glass you can find. When it comes to thickness, the thinnest Glass is 2-3mm thick, and the thickest is 3-5mm. Glass with a thickness of 5-7mm is considered fairly thick and tough to shatter. You should be alright if you use Glass with at least 3.5 millimeters.

3. Maintenance

One feature of bongs that should not be overlooked is the amount of care they need over time. Bongs must be cleaned and maintained regularly to remain clean and functioning. The main chambers will progressively get filled with tar and resin. Leaving it unattended will negatively impact the bong’s taste, function, and cleanliness.

Larger bongs provide a better filtering system with several percolators. On the other hand, cleanup is substantially more difficult with these materials. Cleaning and upkeep will be easier with a smaller piece of furniture.

In essence, they can greatly cut cleaning time. Ashes catchers may drastically minimize the amount of time spent cleaning even huge multi-percolator bongs with several percolators.

4. The Percolator

Percolators are the most efficient means of disseminating information. Indeed, their main purpose is to dissipate the vapors produced by combustion. Another way to put it is that when any dry plant is burnt, it results in harmful combustion. 

Percolators remove pollutants from the air while simultaneously chilling the smoke, preventing inhalation of these toxic combustion byproducts from entering the lungs. Because of this filtration and dispersion, you will get a cleaner, smoother hit that you and your lungs will love. 

Dry herb connoisseurs will prefer percolators; however, concentrate connoisseurs would have wholly other possibilities.

5. Recycler

The most ecologically friendly of the bongs, the Recycler, recycles water in its two-chamber mechanism to provide an ultra-smooth, filtered toke. These amazing devices are enjoyable to smoke from and equally enjoyable to admire. 

Smoke descends to the bottom chamber, where it mixes with the water before ascending the intake step to the top chamber, where the vapor is discharged, and the water trickles back down to finish the cycle to begin the recycling process.

Closing Thought

Hundreds of bongs are available to meet your demands, whether you’re searching for a huge or little piece, Glass or silicone. The first step in getting the best bong for you is figuring out what you want from one.

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