German Criminal Police Speaks Out for Legal Cannabis

Medible review german criminal police speaks out for legal cannabis

The chairman of the Association of German Criminal Investigators (BDK), André Schulz, has called the prohibition of cannabis historically unfounded and advocated on officials to decriminalize consumption of the plant. On Monday Schulz told Germany’s largest daily newspaper, the “Bild-Zeitung,” that the ban on cannabis was “historically arbitrary and meanwhile neither intelligent nor purposeful.”

Schulz went on to say that there has never been a society without drug use in human history and this must be accepted. The current legal system stigmatizes people and promotes criminal careers, he said.

Schulz advocated for seeking better drug policy alternatives than to rely mainly on prohibition and repression. His recommendations include learning to deal with responsible drug use, supporting consumers and addicts to minimize harm, and focusing on effective protection of children and adults. Schulz advocated for clear limits and an equal treatment of cannabis and alcohol, including the prohibition of driving under the influence, which he says must remain illegal regardless of the substance.


The Association of German Criminal Investigators represents 15,000 criminal investigators and is one of a total of four police trade unions in Germany. The BDK is traditionally the union with the most liberal positions and views. The other three associations GdP (Union of Police), DPG (German Police Union) and DPolG (Federal Police Union), have not yet taken a position or called for an end to cannabis prohibition.

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