Evergreen Complete Cannabis Storage Solution

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Evergreen Storage Solution






Build Quality


Ease of Use


Overall Value



  • UV and Shock protection
  • Excellent humidity control
  • Included marker for labeling
  • Smell proof travel sized storage canister


  • Not a con, but I would like to also see a larger option

Evergreen Storage Solution review

A complete cannabis storage system, the Evergreen jars maintain the ideal humidity levels to preserve the flavor and freshness of your flower. The 8oz storage jar offers both UV protection and defense against breakage, which is a bonus for us clumsy people. Use the wet erase marker (included) to jot down the strain name on the lid, and the included sponge to start over. The kit comes with everything you need to store your flower in perfect conditions, including an Evergreen Pod and a smell proof travel canister, for only $20!

Storing Cannabis

There are an increasing number of cannabis storage options out there today, mainly consisting of cigar-style humidors and simple glass or metal jars. The former does a great job at keeping your goodies fresh albeit with a pretty hefty price tag. The second option is vastly cheaper, but it’s just a jar.

A jar by itself will not keep your herb fresh for long without the outside intervention of a humidity controlling device. Originally, I used the standard paper sachet style humidity controllers for this. They worked well, but they were not without their downside.

My typical herbal storage setup consists of smaller quantities of several strains. Since I use small containers, I also must use the tiny humidity packs. It didn’t take long to realize that those packs would be a never-ending expense; the small packs didn’t seem to last very long in the arid, high altitude climate of Colorado.

The Evergreen Storage Solution

The advent of the Evergreen Pods has been a game changer! Not only are the pods reusable, but they are small enough to fit inside almost any size container. Instead of constantly replacing my humidity packs, now I just recharge them, and they go right back to work!

The Evergreen Storage Solution takes those pods and mates them with the perfect package for herbal storage. The 8 oz glass jar is covered in a specially-made silicone sleeve designed to keep out light and protect against breakage. The metal lid has a custom finish that allows for labeling with the included wet-erase silver marker, with melamine sponges for easy cleaning.

The complete kit also comes with an Evergreen Pod and a small smell-proof metal canister for your in-pocket stash. The jars are available in 4 different colors to suit your needs: original dark green, bright green, red and purple. Each component of the Evergreen Storage Solution is also available separately in case you lose something.

Final Thoughts

I have been nothing short of impressed with the products from Evergreen, and this kit is no different. You will notice the difference immediately in your properly stored and hydrated flower! The shock protection has already saved me from catastrophe twice (I fumbled on the stone tile floor)!

The Evergreen Storage Solution is an inexpensive option that everyone should seriously consider! Grab a few for your collection now!

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