Eden Labs Adds Orange Photonics’ Lightlab Validation Components to Extraction Systems

Medible review eden labs adds orange photonics lightlab validation components to extraction systems
Medible review eden labs adds orange photonics lightlab validation components to extraction systems


Eden Labs, in response to the extraction industry’s continuing demand for increased precision, will be offering the proven LightLab cannabis analyzer from Orange Photonics as part of their continued effort to aid in their customers’ success.

“This addition to our proven precision extraction systems provides real-time measurement and quality controls as they extract active components from cannabis and other botanicals,” notes AC Braddock, CEO of Eden Labs.  “By offering the LightLab as an option or add-on to our Eden Systems, our clients will be able to test the makeup of the base material before, during and after extraction, including material selection and harvesting timelines.  We are very excited to offer this added value to our customer experience and their bottom lines.”

“Eden Labs has more than a 20-year legacy of being supporters and advocates for their customers.  By offering Orange Photonics LightLab, they are again looking to increase their customers’ analytics and business productivity. With in-line knowledge of what is going into the Eden Labs extraction vessel, as well as time-based knowledge of the extracted material, their customers can document yield as well as the unique kinetics of the extraction,” noted John A. MacKay, PhD, Synergistic Technologies Associates Founder and CEO.

“Eden Labs’ focus on the science of extraction, customer relationships and its commitment to deliver robust flexible systems made them a natural partner,” says Stephanie McArdle, President of Orange Photonics. “Orange Photonics’ goal is to enable industry growth by providing accessible cannabinoid data, so industry innovators can develop better formulations and identify and eliminate process inefficiencies.  Eden Labs extraction systems are high throughput, so knowing exactly how long to run them depends on how much of the constituent is originally in the material and when it is spent.  From harvest testing to material purchase or processing and especially, toll processing, the LightLab unit provides valuable data points for the extraction process.”

Eden’s platforms provide significant flexibility and production capacity.  LightLab gives Eden’s customers cannabinoid content information in-line, creating the opportunity to leverage the flexibility of their equipment. LightLab is a valuable “must have” quality control tool for businesses producing any kind of concentrate.



About Orange Photonics

LightLab, the flagship product of Orange Photonics, offers accurate, fast cannabis potency analysis of plant material, concentrates and infused products. LightLab utilizes liquid chromatography, the same technology used by cannabis laboratories, to provide accurate measurement of six cannabinoids.  LightLab serves the needs of both the marijuana and hemp industries, counting cultivators, extracts and oils manufacturers, testing laboratories, infused products producers, and dispensaries among its customers.

Orange Photonics Links:

Website: www.orangephotonics.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/orangephotonics/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/orangephotonics

Facebook: www.facebook.com/orangephotonics

About Eden Labs

Eden Labs is the trusted innovator of co2 and ethanol extraction technology for the cannabis and health products industries since 1994. Eden provides a wide range of extraction equipment, in configurations that fit where you are in the production process—from bench-top systems to 6000L industrial plants.

Eden Labs engineers the fast, reliable, worry-free systems and ranks the highest in customer service.

Eden Labs Links:

Website: www.edenlabs.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edenlabs/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/edenlabs

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EdenLabsFanPage/

LightLab cannabis analyzer by Orange Photonics

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