CBD and Coronavirus-5 Amazing facts that will blow your mind

Medible review CBD6

CBD and Coronavirus-5 Amazing facts that will blow your mind

At this point, when a pandemic has impaired the world, human civilization has made it a priority to find a cure. Enduring a crisis such as the Spanish flu in the last century has made it possible for us humans to broaden our scope of thinking and search for better options instead of traditional medicine. For now, a cure or a vaccine for the novel coronavirus remains an unsolved question. Still, there are a few contenders that can help humans strengthen their front line defense in their war against COVID-19. CBD or cannabidiol, extracted from the cannabis plant, has shown some promise in this context. With the availability now not a question of worry, it can surely provide a sense of positive reinforcement to the human body. Here are five surprising facts that can intrigue you in this direction.

Medible review CBD6

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CBD in the past

In ancient times, mothers used to mix cannabis extracts to almond milk and in the plant juices and feed it every day to their growing babies between the age of 1 to 6 months. Traditionally, many viruses did not have any vaccines. Many antiviral techniques and treatments were not sufficient to meet their needs. One such case was of hepatitis. In this context, CBD had played an important scope in achieving remarkable recovery in patients suffering from such grave diseases. The medicinal potential of CBD shows both preventing and curing properties. For that purpose, many companies have started to explore the potential uses of CBD to develop drugs with high potency that can alleviate all the torment from the symptoms of many diseases such as diabetes, cancers, etc. In the context of viral infections, CBD has shown enormous promise with studies suggesting that CBD could be the next contender in line for a super anti-pathogenic drug.

CBD for Overall Symptom Management:

CBD or cannabidiol is a plant-based extract. It has been used to treat a large number of traditional ailments such as diabetes, cancers, to name a few. It has painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties, which have made it possible to bring a sense of relief to many patients. Besides, it has also been used to treat uncomplicated viral infections such as cold sores and herpes. It was found that CBD has a positive effect on boosting the immune system of the body. It not just helps cure the infection but also aids in dealing with the symptoms that arise from it. Overall, CBD has been found to have a high recovery rate as compared to several traditional medication techniques. To ensure a quality product, make sure you buy Cbd oil canada from trusted retailers only.

CBD strengthens the immune system:

During an infection, many healthy cells are drained of their energy. This makes the body weak and often weakens the immune system as well. This comes as a massive blow in the fight against the infection. The majority of the nutrients that the patient eats are consumed by the immune system. CBD can help compensate for these essential nutrients that the body needs for everyday survival. CBD has many such essentials such as cannabinoids and other minerals such as magnesium and calcium that aid the body in fighting the infection. These nutrients work the process of repairing the damaged cells and produce new immune cells to fight the virus. Not just supplied to the immune system, but CBD can help restore the balance of nutrients throughout the body and keep the body healthy and intact.

CBD may help combat infections:

Specifically, the cannabidiol in CBD arrests the growth of the virus in the body. It inhibits the growth of the pathogen and stops the supply of energy and nutrients to the virus from the host cell. This alters the course of their incubation period. This impacts directly on the multiplication of the infection and prevents the spread throughout the body. It also destroys and dissolves the outer protective layer of the pathogens and hence make them more vulnerable to an attack from the immune cells. In this case, as well, it makes the immune cells more alert by activating the neural receptors so that the detection and the elimination of the viruses can be carried out in quick succession. Overall response time of the body increases hence reducing the chances of the viruses growing into fully-fledged infections. To reap all benefits and save on money, one can also buy shatter canada from trusted reputed online retailers.

CBD as a Substitute for medications:

CBD can substitute other medicines in this context. The reason why this seems like a viable option is a high availability and lower side effects it induces. In comparison to the NSAID anti-inflammatory drugs which are currently being used to treat coronavirus, CBD can offer better treatment with a faster recovery rate. Other than diarrhea and dry mouthing, there have been no documented side effects reported on the consumption of CBD. Consumption of small doses of CBD, as much as 2-2.5 mg every day, can help boost immunity and the natural defense of the body. This can go a long way in protecting the body from many different viral infections, not just limited to the COVID-19.

To what extent will CBD enhance the battle against coronavirus might vary from case to case and person to person. Despite there being no documented study of CBD to treat coronavirus, it shows a promise for the medical world in these times of crisis when the pandemic threatens the existence of us humans.


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