Cannapunch Highly Edible Assorted Fruit Gummy Pucks

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Cannapunch Highly Edible Assorted Fruit Gummy Pucks









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There are a ton of cannabis infused edibles available in the Colorado market today, but few will stand the test of time. Most edibles are pretty much the same; hash-flavored sugary concoctions that taste somewhere between semi-tolerable and downright revolting.

Thankfully, Cannapunch has put an end to that with their Highly Edible line of cannabis infused gummy pucks. Not only are these absolutely delicious (you may forget this is a medicated gummy!), but they are also nicely potent! Each gummy contains 10mg of THC, while the CBD gummy sports 20mg of CBD and 2mg of THC per puck.


I have tried every single flavor available of the Cannapunch Highly Edible Pucks and there is not one that I would not eat, which says a lot! (I’m picky). I routinely buy Cannapunch pucks from my dispensary whenever I see them as they are one of the few treats that I know are going to be good every time. In fact, they are one of the very few edible brands that I trust enough to buy blindly without remorse.

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I found out that these are not your typical cannabis infused gummies. “With so many other edibles on the market it is sometimes hard to find a way to set things apart from the competition, but we think we found a way by offering something handmade, 100% all-natural, gluten free, and Vegan, and using some of the best medicine in the state!!

Our “Highly Edible” gummy pucks are definitely a step above the rest! These delicious pucks are made from organic juices bursting with juicy sweet flavor. No need to feel guilty, these Pucks have 100% of Vitamin C per serving while being free of the ten most common allergens. Coming in several delicious flavors and types, these pucks are guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth!​”

The Flavors

Cannapunch Highly Edible Pucks are available in 8 flavors, so there’s a pretty good chance that you will find at lest one that you love:

  • Sour Indica
  • Sweet Indica
  • Sour Sativa
  • Sweet Sativa
  • Peach
  • Watermelon
  • Golden Strawberry
  • CBD Therapy

Do yourself a favor, next time you visit your favorite dispensary look for the Cannapunch Highly Edible Gummy Pucks and add some to your order – I guarantee you will not be disappointed! Cannapunch Highly Edible Gummy Pucks are available at dispensaries in Colorado and Nevada. In fact, Highly Edible was voted BEST MARIJUANA EDIBLE IN LAS VEGAS 2019! That’s saying something!

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