Can CBD Topicals Help With Inflammation?: How To Use CBD Cream For Pain

The growth of CBD is remarkable when you consider that it wasn’t even legalized until December 2018. Since that time, more than one in three American adults have tried using CBD – an extraordinarily high number.

CBD’s popularity has come for a variety of reasons. While more research is needed before any firm medical claims can be made, a plethora of studies has indicated that the compound can be helpful at addressing many physical and emotional problems, including pain relief, depression, sleep, stress, and more.

Furthermore, CBD is a highly flexible compound. There are many ways that it can be consumed, including as a cream, tincture, edible, vape juice, and more. It is also being put into a variety of new and unique products – there are even CBD pillows that are now available!

One of CBD’s most popular uses has been for pain, and that’s where CBD creams have proven to be most effective. If used properly, CBD cream may be able to help relieve a variety of types of pain. Here’s a look at the right way to use CBD cream for pain, and what you should watch out for when using it.

Instructions on CBD Use

When it comes to using CBD cream for pain, your best bet is to always follow the instructions. However, one of the biggest benefits of using CBD cream is that it allows for extremely targeted relief. As such, take the cream, using whatever amount is recommended by the maker, and rub it into the area of soreness, tightness, or pain. Massage it in as much as you can, and from there, let it soak into your skin. Do not wipe it off, as this will remove the effect. 

Keep in mind that using CBD cream for pain will not provide you immediate relief. Of the various ways that CBD can be used, CBD cream takes the longest before making a noticeable impact on you. The time in which it takes CBD to work is usually dependent upon how long it takes to get to your bloodstream. CBD cream has to travel through your skin, fat, and muscles before arriving at your bloodstream. This process can take as long as a couple of hours. 

Warnings Before You Buy and Use CBD Cream

When first using CBD, it is best to stick with the recommended dosage on the package, then gradually increase the dosage if you do not feel the desired effect. Remember, the recommended dosage comes from the best use of the product as determined by the manufacturer. You would never use prescription medication in a way not prescribed by a doctor, and the same should apply to any CBD use. 

Second, do not purchase any CBD product without reviewing its CBD lab testing. Unfortunately, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration has yet to issue firm requirements when it comes to the testing and labeling of CBD products. Indeed, the FDA is behind when it comes to many consumer protections on CBD. This puts the onus on you to be an informed customer.

Unfortunately, this is a real problem, as many CBD companies only care about making a quick buck. In 2017, the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study in which they randomly tested 84 CBD products for the accuracy of their products. The results were horrifying: Nearly 70% of the products were mislabeled for a variety of ingredients, including THC.

Thankfully, more reputable CBD vendors hire a third-party to test every CBD batch, then release those test results as part of a Certificate of Analysis that is made available by the company. These results can be reviewed by the user and used to confirm what is actually in the product. All reputable CBD vendors do this as a way of maintaining credibility with their customers. 

Last, don’t start CBD without talking with a doctor. Keep in mind that you should never start taking any type of medication or supplement without speaking with a medical professional, and the same should apply to CBD use. This is particularly important for CBD, as there may be negative drug interactions with certain medications.

There is a growing body of evidence that indicates that CBD cream may be useful when it comes to pain relief. Make sure to take the appropriate precautions before use and to follow the instructions as laid out by the manufacturer, and you should be good to try CBD. 

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