A Quick Take On Cannabis And Its Uses

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Cannabis has a long history, multiple purposes, and sometimes controversy. Its versatility and usefulness have made it a popular product for various industries, particularly medicine. Because of decades as an illegal substance, marijuana is undergoing cultural and legal reevaluation today. American research reports that nowadays, most people support its legalization for medical or recreational purposes. 

Yet some lawmakers and researchers want more scientific evidence to back up the benefits of cannabis. Its potential risks could also be more significant than its benefits,‌ which requires more research. It takes a lot of science to understand cannabis, but this post will simplify it as much as possible. Here’s a quick take on cannabis and its uses.  

What is Cannabis?

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Cannabis comprises three plants exhibiting psychoactive effects:

  • Cannabis sativa, 
  • Cannabis indica, and 
  • Cannabis ruderalis. 

If you take the flowers from these plants and dry them, it’ll result in one of the world’s most common drugs. Some call it weed, others call it pot, and others call it marijuana. Names for weed are evolving as more and more states legalize it. As it becomes more common, people are referring to it as cannabis. According to some, it’s more accurate. Some people feel the term is neutral, unlike terms like weed or pot, which are associated with illegal use. 

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Besides, in November 2022, Missouri and Maryland recently approved its recreational use. The most common reason people consume cannabis is to relax and calm themselves. Some states prescribe it to treat chronic pain, glaucoma, and poor appetite, among other conditions. Although it is a natural plant, its positive and negative effects can have powerful effects.

What Does Cannabis Contain?

Cannabis contains over 120 compounds known as cannabinoids. There is still some confusion about what cannabinoids do, but experts know more about CBD and THC.

They each have their effects and uses:

  • CBD — It’s a psychoactive cannabinoid, but it doesn’t get you “high” or intoxicated. People use it to reduce inflammation and pain. It might also relieve nausea, migraines, seizures, and anxiety. Researchers are still exploring CBD’s medical potential.
  • THC — Cannabis contains mainly this psychoactive compound. Most people associate it with its “high” due to THC.

A cannabis product can contain CBD, THC, or both. Despite this, most people don’t realize that the dried flower they associate it with contains both cannabinoids, although some strains may have more than one other. There is a large amount of CBD in hemp but no THC.

Potential Health Benefits and Uses Of Cannabis

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Cannabis has the following potential health benefits and uses:

  1. Chronic Pain Relief

Cannabis contains hundreds of chemical compounds, including cannabinoids. Because of their chemical makeup, cannabinoids may relieve chronic pain. As a result, you may use medical cannabis to ease chronic pain.

  1. Enhances Lung Capacity

You can smoke cannabis without hurting your lungs, unlike smoking cigarettes. According to one study, cannabis increases lung capacity, not deteriorating them.

  1. Boosts Weight Loss

It is common to see an avid cannabis user who is not overweight. It is because cannabis helps to regulate insulin while controlling caloric intake.

  1. Prevent and Regulate Diabetes

Cannabis’ insulin-regulating effects make it a natural candidate for diabetes prevention and regulation. Research shows cannabis stabilizes blood sugar, lowers blood pressure, and improves circulation.

  1. Relieves Depression

Most people are unaware that they have depression. Endocannabinoids in cannabis may ease depression by stabilizing moods.

  1. A Promising Treatment For Autism

Most people know that cannabis calms users and controls their moods. With it, autistic children with frequent violent mood swings may manage their condition.

  1. Suppress Seizures

Studies have shown that CBD may help control seizures. Studying the effects of cannabis on individuals with epilepsy is ongoing.

  1. Fix Fractures

Studies have linked cannabidiol to faster bone healing. A Tel Aviv-based bone research laboratory reports that it also strengthens the bones during recovery. Future fractures are less likely to occur because of this.

  1. Treatment For Glaucoma

People with glaucoma experience additional pressure on their eyeballs, which is painful. Fortunately, they might temporarily relieve their symptoms when they consume cannabis, as it reduces stress on the eyeball.

  1. Anxiety Relief
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Despite cannabis’ widespread reputation for causing anxiety, there is a way to avoid it. When used correctly and in a monitored dosage, it may help ease stress.

  1. Delay in Alzheimer’s Disease Development

Cognitive degeneration causes various diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease. It is almost impossible to avoid mental decline as you age. Cannabis’ endocannabinoids contain anti-inflammatory compounds that may help fight brain inflammation that contributes to Alzheimer’s.

  1. Relieve Arthritis-Related Pain

It is now common for people with arthritis to use cannabis products such as creams and balms. CBD and THC may both help sufferers cope with pain.

  1. Reduces PTSD Symptoms

Veterans and individuals who have been traumatized are susceptible to PTSD. With cannabis becoming legalized, researchers are studying its potential for treating PTSD in individuals. Cannabis may prevent overstimulation of the fight-or-flight response.


Cannabis has several uses and benefits you might consider. Despite this, it would help to tread with caution because there’s a need for more research on them. 

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