5 Reasons Why New Jersey is the Perfect Place to Raise a Family

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New Jersey is an incredibly family-friendly place that has a lot to offer.

Between the state’s excellent schools and safe neighborhoods to its variety of activities and attractions, you won’t regret making New Jersey your home.

Keep reading for a breakdown of five reasons why New Jersey is the perfect place to raise a family.

Excellent Schools

New Jersey has one of the best public school systems in the country. In 2022, the state’s graduation rate was at 91%, and high school student’s SAT scores averaged 1106, which is 56 points higher than the national average. New Jersey also has a high rate of college enrollment, with over 70% of high school graduates continuing their education.

New Jersey’s schools consistently rank among the best in the nation because they are well-funded and have high standards for academic achievement.

Additionally, the school system focuses on STEM learning and college readiness to help students prepare for adulthood.

Safe Neighborhoods

New Jersey is generally considered a safe place to live, especially for families. The state has a low crime rate compared to other states. In 2022, New Jersey’s violent crime rate was 2.0 incidents per 1,000 people, and its property crime rate was 11.6 incidents per 1,000 people. Both of these crime rates are significantly below the national averages of 4.2 and 22.9 incidents per 1,000 people.

The safety level of each New Jersey city may vary depending on several factors such as location and socioeconomic status but the suburbs are generally the safest, and parents feel confident that their children are safe playing outside and walking to school.

Variety of Activities and Attractions

New Jersey has a lot to offer families in terms of activities and attractions. The state has a diverse landscape with scenic views of mountains, beaches, forests, wetlands, and farms. This variety of landscapes provides residents with multiple places to engage in any of their hobbies, such as fishing, hiking, and biking.

New Jersey also has a variety of museums, theaters, and other cultural attractions. The most popular include; Liberty Science Center, the Grounds for Sculpture, Count Basie Center for the Arts, and the Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

Between the outdoor and indoor activities, there is always something for families to do, no matter what their interests are. 

Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living in New Jersey is relatively affordable, especially when compared to its surrounding states. The state’s housing costs and property taxes are below the national average, and the cost of groceries and other essentials is also relatively low.

The cost of healthcare is also important when raising a family, and New Jersey’s are much lower than many states. New Jersey also has an affordable recreational and medical marijuana program that helps parents save money on various treatment plans.

To make things even better, the state’s college tuition is much cheaper than the national average.

These low costs make it so that families can save money on expenses, which opens space in their budget for other things, such as vacations and activities.


New Jersey is one of the most culturally diverse states in the country.

According to the 2020 U.S. Census, 45.5% of New Jersey residents are people of color, and 22.6% are foreign-born. The state’s largest racial or ethnic groups are White (50.2%), Hispanic (18.7%), Black or African American (13.3%), Asian (10.3%), and Native American (0.7%).

New Jersey’s diverse culture is primarily reflected in its dining and arts. Many festivals, museums, and performing arts venues celebrate the population’s history and culture.

Parents can easily find a variety of restaurants and cultural events that can help their children learn about different cultures and perspectives while having fun.

In addition to the five reasons above, there are numerous additional reasons why New Jersey is the perfect place to raise a family.

For example, the state has a strong economy that provides many job opportunities to parents and young adults. New Jersey also has many parks and recreation areas, which offer families plenty of opportunities to spend time outdoors and enjoy the state’s beautiful scenery.

Finally, New Jersey is located in a convenient location, with easy access to the country’s top tourist destinations like New York City, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia.

If you are considering raising a family in New Jersey you will find that the state has everything needed to provide your children with a safe environment that will help them flourish. 

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