Ultimate Guide to Zkittlez

Zkittlez is the child of Grape Ape and Grapefruit strains. Being a hybrid, it combines the cerebral high of Sativa with the physical effects of Indica to bring you a balanced strain that will not overwhelm you. Its name comes from the sweet, candylike aroma that announces its presence, thanks to the dominant terpenes present and its genetic makeup. It is grown by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz.

This strain has placed first at the 2016 Emerald Cup and was also 1st at the 2015 Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and Michigan. Its flavor and aroma profiles are a hit with users as it has been described to take like rainbows. Even with its reasonably low THC levels that make it newbie-friendly, you are cautioned to pace yourself because the effects intensify over time.

What can you expect when smoking or vaping Zkittlez for the first time?

You will feel the effects immediately, and we like this because it lets you know how far to go with it. You will first feel it in your eyes and then quickly in all other senses. In minutes, your body and mind will relax, and you are likely to feel philosophical. This is the best time to put on some thought-provoking music or a movie that requires you to see the world differently. Some people report feeling a little anxious and nervous.

Because it’s fast-acting, it may feel like time stood still or moved slower after a session. This makes most users feel like the effects of this strain last much longer than usual. As the high intensifies, you are likely to settle into a sense of calm relaxation that allows you to focus on tasks. If you are using it to settle your mind and focus at work, the best time to get the job done is before the high intensifies to the maximum. Towards the end of a Zkittlez high, the body fully relaxes, energy levels dip, and you can’t even leave the couch. Don’t fight the feeling; allow yourself to fall asleep.

A Detailed Profile of Zkittlez Strain

Here’s a breakdown of what makes this strain stand out. 


Zkittlez cannabis strain is quite the looker, even before it’s trimmed. It gets your attention from the get-go, which makes you think it must smell just as good, and it does. You get hints of sweetness and citrus, and then if you sniff a little more, a powerful kick of sour fruits. The sweet herbal notes remain in a room long after the jar has been opened. When you first sniff this strain, it reminds you of skittles, that candied, sticky sweetness, which is partly how it gets its name. The sour notes are also quite dominant to balance out the sweetness. That sweet-sour tang smell makes you want to eat this strain more than smoke it.


The best way to experience this strain is to let the smoke linger in your mouth as the taste buds decide how they perceive it. Many have described it to taste as good as it looks; smooth and easy on the throat. That glorious mix of grape, lemon, and berry is just strong enough to feel exactly as you would want from a strain that smells like candy. The berries hit the throat when inhaling, but it is the grape flavor you will get when exhaling from the strain’s parent, Grape Ape. Most users describe it to taste like rainbows, thanks to the mixed fruity taste. You want to close your eyes and savor this because it will be worth each inhale.  


This Indica strain’s average THC level is 19%, which makes it just fine for newbies looking to try an exquisite flavor. The amount of euphoria that hits you after the first few hits have settled in the system is quite surprising, especially considering its THC levels and genetics. Users report relaxation almost immediately and then a feeling of calm and giddiness that makes it the ideal strain for winding the day. No couch-lock effects are expected here, so you can partake and still carry on with your day. This is what you can expect to feel after using this skittles weed strain; Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, and Sleepy. Medically, it has been used to combat: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, and Insomnia.

Any side effects? Yes, some users have reportedly been left dizzy after a few spiffs, but this is mainly associated with newbies. The feeling doesn’t last long. The standard dry mouth and itchy eyes are expected in some users, and we have heard reports of mild headaches lingering for a while.


The dominant terpenes in this strain are; Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Linalool. Linalool is responsible for the floral scents that hit you when a jar of skittles marijuana is opened, while Humulene is citrusy and playful. Caryophyllene reminds you of rosemary and cloves. The terpenes in this strain balance it ideally.

Growing Information

First thing; this strain is hardy, and so you can grow it quite easily. Now, the seeds are rare, and the only viable way to grow the skittles strain is by buying clippings of a healthy, mature plant. It favors hot, humid climates and will take advantage of the nightly drooping temperatures to bring out those lovely purple buds. This means you can grow it outdoors if your location allows, but you have to observe it closely to ensure it’s getting what it needs to grow. You can also grow it indoors if you can manage to lower the temperatures are night to give it the deep purple hue that is its signature. It flowers in 8 to 10 weeks, and it yields quite highly.  

Final Thoughts on Zkittlez Weed Strain

The THC level is just enough for newbie users and strong enough to get seasoned partakers happy. Not a lot of people appreciate the couch-lock feeling that leaves you completely wiped, so this strain is on the right range for those who still want to be productive after a smoke session. If you are feeling down, stressed, or insomniac, Zkittlez will change the game for you. While some may not like the fact that the seeds are hard to find, think of this; the rarer the seeds, the more likely you are to have a uniformly flavored final product. 

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