StashLogix RiNo Odor Proof Messenger Bag Review

Medible review

StashLogix RiNo Odor Proof Messenger Bag








Build Quality


Ease of Use




Overall Value



  • Huge storage
  • Completely Smell Proof
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Lots on dividers and interior straps
  • Lockable for Safety
  • External Charging passthrough


  • Not really a con, but the dab tool falls out of the holder pretty easy

StashLogix RiNo Odor Proof Messenger Bag Review

Smell proof cases are one of the greatest inventions ever. Just because we love the smell of Cannabis, not everyone else does. Odor proof cases are a great way to store and transport your fragrant contents without everyone else being subjected to the scent of your jars of Jungle Nugs. Adding a lockable feature gives you additional piece of mind knowing you have safe storage no matter where you go!

There are a few basic smell proof cases available on the market today. Most do well with odor control, while some of the budget cases just don’t seem to retain their odor control properties for very long. I have found that you can either get a ho-hum case with great odor control, or a nice feature packed piece of personal luggage that will turn into a walking stink bomb in no time flat – Not the case to bring into a crowded elevator! Thankfully, StashLogix has got you covered.

Skip the Boring

There is no more need to carry some boring tote bag when you can travel safe and in style, while enjoying the thoughtful features included in the StashLogix cases like infinitely adjustable compartments, activated bamboo charcoal for true odor control and a lockable zipper to keep out unauthorized entry. Not only are they functional, they are sophisticated enough for the boardroom and stylish enough for a trip out. No one will ever look at you and automatically know what you are hauling.

StashLogix, designed in Colorado for citizens everywhere, are the Original “Thoughtful, Secure & Discreet” Stash Bags. Originally designed for moms and dads to keep their kids safe, StashLogix bags have evolved from parent friendly stash bags to stylish handbags and cases for citizens everywhere. The road to drug abuse runs through the home, so please store your medicine responsibly – even if not in one of their incredibly cool stash bags.

Medible review


RiNo Premium Messenger Bag – $119

“The RiNo neighborhood is where the creative souls in Denver reside.  They’re close to downtown so they value being out’n about and they need the gear to accommodate their active urban lifestyle.  STASHLOGIX’S RiNo messenger bag is the answer; your fragile glassware, laptops, electronics, your precious stash, and it’s locking and air-tight.  This is designed for gear heads, enthusiasts and delivery-service drivers alike.  Look the part and stash smart!  Designed high in the Rocky Mountains, for citizens of everywhere.”

Greatest Bag Ever?

I would just like to start by saying this case is arguable the best (non)stinking case I have ever had the pleasure to use. To be quite honest, I had to really get nit-picky to even come up with a single fault in the RiNo. This is a very well designed and quality-built bag that I would purchase even if it wasn’t odor proof.

With so much storage space, you can easily load this up with everything you need for a day at the office, or all the medicine you need for a weekend getaway with friends. There’s even enough room to safely bring multiple pieces from your favorite glassware collection and still have room for a few containers of your favorite herb.

Medible review StashLogix RiNo 4


A place for everything

One quick look and you can easily see that a lot of thought was put into designing the StashLogix RiNo. It is a very well laid out Messenger bag that can be configured endlessly. At 16 inches wide x 12 inches tall x 4-inches deep, this is a cavernous bag that offers amount of storage space, all highly configurable via movable dividers.

Along with the dividers, there is an elastic rope and hook system that helps secure loose objects. In addition to the inside storage, the lid of this beauty features full sized (and smaller) zipper pocket access, pen straps and a little label/pouch that holds your included metal mini dab tool.

Lighten your heavy burden

The 52-inch padded shoulder is very comfortable, thanks in part to its wide 2-inch strap. Featuring a heavy duty, quick adjust buckle on the side to get things just right. There’s even a waist belt! There is also an off-centered soft handle for carrying off the strap.

Minus the weed, I find this to be a great carry on bag for quick flights. It even features a Charging port to charge electronic devices while they’re locked and safe inside. Never have to worry about leaving your bag open again!

Medible review StashLogix RiNo 6

Odor Control

Let’s face it, no matter how great the bag is, if you bought it for its odor controlling properties, you want to be sure that it will not stink. Let me lay your mind to rest on this matter. I took this satchel and loaded it up with fresh flower only in plastic zipper bags, and then put a nice dirty bong and a few dirty pipes for good measure.

Since we become totally nose blind to the aroma of our own cannabis quickly, I got input from strangers. I transported this bag through public places and asked random strangers if they thought the bag smelled like weed – none did. I even sat on a bench with 2 very sweet older ladies and enjoyed 30 minutes of great conversation with them not showing nary a hint.

Now either they were all fantastic actors & actresses, or the bag does not produce any type of unwonted smell. It makes me comfortable to know that I don’t ever have to worry about getting into the crowded subway, or the carpool with your co-workers. You can walk the streets like a free person thanks to the OdorPax – Replaceable activated carbon packet.  


The RiNo is one of the largest and most versatile bags of its kind. It has an insane amount of storage with several options to secure your load, no matter what it is. The OdorPax system keeps the slightest whiff of scent from creeping out into the public. Together, they make this the best odor-proof bag I have yet encountered.

Go take a look at their website and see yourself carrying that bag. Then click the Buy button, you will have zero regrets. If you are looking for a smaller bag, check out The Silverton from StashLogix!

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