Slew of restrictive medical cannabis bills proposed in Arizona

A proposed law in Arizona would make publishing the incorrect address of a cannabis dispensary a felony.

According to the Phoenix New Times, three “prohibitionist” Arizona lawmakers are trying out new ideas to stymie the state’s medical marijuana program and prevent a recreational program from becoming a reality.

The proposed bills also would:


  • Prohibit dispensaries from acquiring, possessing, manufacturing or selling a cannabis product that’s packaged or labeled in a manner attractive to minors.
  • Charge doctors who give medical marijuana cards to ineligible people with felonies.
  • Allow prosecutors to decide if parolees can obtain MMJ.
  • Authorize the health department to use $40 million from the marijuana-tax coffers to enforce MMJ laws.
  • Require the health department to develop programs warning of the danger of secondhand smoke.


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