Rough Brothers Appoints Southeastern Sales Manager

Medible review rough brothers appoints southeastern sales manager
Medible review rough brothers appoints southeastern sales manager


A nineteen-year veteran of Rough Brothers Inc. (RBI), Shane Nitschke has been appointed Sales Manager of the Southeastern region that encompasses Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Beginning in the commercial design department Shane has successfully been in a number of roles. Shane has designed many of the customized retail and production projects for RBI. For the past three years, he has been the Midwest Regional Sales Manager. “Because of my years in the design group I have a unique insight into the solutions for the challenges that growers face every day”, Shane said. “I ask a lot of questions in order to be an extra set of eyes for the growers I work with.” Shane can be reached on 513-560-6383 [email protected]

For questions contact: Lynn Hackett, Director of Marketing, Nexus/RBI 561-866-9900.

Nexus Greenhouse and RBI Greenhouse companies are the leaders in the US commercial greenhouse market.

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