Rhode Island considering medical cannabis deliveries

Medible review rhode island considering medical cannabis deliveries

Fearful of how recreational legalization in neighboring Massachusetts could affect their businesses, Rhode Island’s three medical marijuana dispensaries are pushing state regulators to allow them to start delivering to their patients.

Medible review rhode island considering medical cannabis deliveriesRhode Island regulators – apparently in favor of MMJ deliveries – are preparing to review the dispensaries’ proposals, according to the Providence Journal.

Both sides are waiting for the development of a mobile app that will make the state’s new marijuana seed-to-sale system capable of also tracking sales made via delivery.

The new app will likely be ready this year, the newspaper reported.

Dispensary owners say offering deliveries would encourage potential MMJ patients sign up for Rhode Island’s MMJ program. They also believe deliveries could undercut the incentive for Rhode Islanders to go to Massachusetts for cannabis.

Recreational marijuana sales in Massachusetts are expected to start in July.

Rhode Island’s MMJ program has 19,000-plus registered medical cannabis patients.

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