Restrictions on marijuana business marketing may be loosened in Colorado city

Boulder, Colo., is eyeing a series of changes to its marijuana regulations, including one that would allow cannabis businesses to give away promotional materials — something that’s been barred to this point, in an effort by officials to prevent any marketing to kids.

In total, there are 19 different rule changes the City Council will review on Tuesday, many of which are either minor or have little-to-no effect on the public. The recommended charges are supported by city staff and are products of discussion by the city’s Marijuana Advisory Panel, a committee including educational professionals, public health advocates, marijuana business owners.

The potential change concerning promotional materials would amend a rule intended to limit what the city describes as “Joe Camel”-esque marketing by marijuana businesses.

“(It’s) very challenging to find a balance of interests here,” city staff’s memo to the council reads. “For businesses, marketing and branding are recognized ways to increase revenue. For those concerned about the effect of marijuana on youth, there is a desire not to repeat the mistakes related to (tobacco) smoking.”

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