Quick and Easy Cannabis Distillate Tincture in 3 easy steps!

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 I love cannabis distillate tinctures and have used them for many years. I always made my own cannabis tincture and they were all good, but it was hard to get good consistency. Accuracy of dosing was also an issue as you pretty much were rough guessing everything.

Without test equipment you had no real way of check your potency except personal experimentation. Another issue was the taste: that toasty decarbed cannabis flavor doesn’t exactly sit well with everyone. These were problems that you just dealt with…until now!

With the advent of cannabis distillate, making cannabis tinctures takes all of 10 minutes and you can easily control your strength! Distillate is cannabis oil that was refined by short path distillation, making it almost pure cannabinoids. As an added bonus, the process also delivers a fully decarbed cannabis oil ready for your enjoyment!

I’ll show you below exactly how I make my cannabis distillate tincture in 3 easy steps. Feel free to let me know how it works for you! Obviously this recipe is dependent upon access to cannabis distillate. This can be done with any decarbed oil as well, however your results may vary.

What you need:

Medible review trio 2
cannabis distillate tincture

  • 1 gram of cannabis distillate
  • 1 clean dropper bottle. You will find an abundance of these small inexpensive glass bottles with droppers available on Amazon, they work perfectly for your tinctures!
  • 1 small bottle ethyl alcohol (ethanol) –  You can use any type of drinkable alcohol you wish here. You don’t need high proof alcohol like Everclear for this recipe as it’s really only being used as a carrier solvent to “water down” the cannabinoid content to your desired strength. Flavored alcohols are particularly useful here as it helps mask any herbal taste present. That being said, the more pure the alcohol, the better it will mix.

***Lower proof alcohols contain a lot of water. Cannabis oil is not water soluble and could therefore fail to properly emulsify in these lower proof alcohols. You can add a small amount sunflower or soy lecithin to the mixture to help maintain emulsification and keep your tincture from separating. The higher the alcohol proof, the less of an issue this becomes.***

** DO NOT use Isopropyl Alcohol – ingesting is poisonous!**

This is my favorite recipe that makes a tincture with about 10mg of THC per drop, you can easily adjust your recipe to make it stronger or weaker.

A few drops of a strong Indica tincture before bed really helps with your sleep. 
Have you ever tried tinctures for sleeping?x

The math is as follows:

  • The 1gm of cannabis distillate I used contained 830mg of THC. (Use the THC percentage of your distillate, not mine)
  • Adding 3ml of alcohol makes the tincture 4ml in total volume.
  • Divide the 830mg of THC by the 4ml to get a total concentration of 207.5mg/ml.
  • There are 20 drops in a ml.
  • Divide 207.5 by 20 to get mg/drop, in this case 10.375mg/drop
  • You can easily adjust the amount of alcohol to reduce the final potency to whatever you desire.
  • There are 50ml of alcohol in a mini-bottle. Using this example, using the entire bottle will yield a tincture of about 16mg/ml (1 dropper full) or about 0.8mg per drop. Excellent for microdosing!

Easy Instructions:

  1. Squirt the contents of your cannabis distillate into the clean dropper bottle. Cannabis distillate is very viscous and will not come out of the syringe if cold. Simply run the vial under hot water for about 30 seconds and it will come out quick and easy.
  2. Using the syringe you just emptied, measure out the alcohol 1ml at a time and squirt it into your bottle containing the distillate until you have reached the desired amount. (This part of the process has an added bonus of getting every last bit stuck in the syringe tip into your mix.)
  3. Put the dropper top back on, close the lid and shake well to mix thoroughly. This part will go faster if you hold the dropper bottle under hot running water for a minute.


Put the desired number of drops under your tongue or simply add drops to your favorite food or beverage and enjoy!

Looking for a way to make your own cannabis extract? Check out our guide here:


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