PTSD and Veterans: New York Vets Can Now Use Medical Marijuana

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On Veterans Day, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a legislative package that allows individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to acquire and utilize medical marijuana as a treatment in the Empire State.

Effective immediately, the Gov. signed the legislation into law Saturday allowing patients with PTSD to participate in New York’s medical marijuana program.

Home to 838,000 veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) spent $6.3 billion on Medicare expenditures during 2016. As of September 2013, the five New York counties with the largest military veteran populations include Suffolk 79,600; Erie, 65,000; Queens, 58,600; Nassau, 57,900, and Kings County with 53,100 veterans.

Introduced by New York State Sen. Diane J. Savino (D-Staten Island), once S.5629 was signed into law on Veterans Day, the tenacious policymaker was elated.

“New York is home to some of the bravest service members in the nation and in addition to residents suffering from PTSD due to other traumatic experiences, this legislation will ensure that everyone receives the effective treatment they deserve,” explained Sen. Savino in a statement.



Cuomo’s signature on Savino’s bill is not only great for New York’s veterans, it will also benefit the state’s overly anxious firefighters, police officers, and survivors of domestic abuse.

Gov. Cuomo noted during Saturday’s parade down 5th Ave., “Our veterans risked their lives in order to defend the ideals and principles that this nation was founded upon and it is our duty to do everything we can to support them when they return home,” according to the New York State website.

Supportive of medicinal cannabis for vets suffering from PTSD, the American Legion recently appealed to the Trump administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs, requesting the VA support Dr. Sue Sisley’s FDA-approved research into PTSD.

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