PAX 3 vaporizer review

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PAX 3 portable vaporizer








Battery Life






Ease of Use


Vapor Quality




Overall Value



  • Elegant design
  • Super Fast Heat-up
  • Dual Use - Herb / Wax
  • Custom temperature control
  • Stealthy appearance
  • Powerful App Control


  • Non-removable battery

PAX 3 Vaporizer Review

 First Looks

 PAX vapor has been creating some of the best portable vaporizers you can buy for over 10 years. The PAX 3 is the latest version of their flagship model. Measuring in at only 3.87” x 1.21” x 0.85”, the PAX 3 easily fits into the palm of your hand for ultimate discretion! You probably won’t need to anyways, sometimes just the sight of this stunning device is a conversation starter on its own!

Just as Apple made the cell phone a thing of beauty, PAX has turned a once bulky unpleasant looking device into finely sculpted masterpiece. With the embedded illuminating PAX logo and no visible buttons to interrupt its smooth finish, the PAX 3 truly is a seamless work of art. The PAX utilizes a unique magnetic charging dock that simply connects to the back of the unit.

Fill ‘er up!

Loading the PAX 3 is a simple, straight forward process. There is a magnetic oven lid on the bottom of the unit that covers the stainless-steel chamber. Place the vaporizer on your tray with the mouthpiece facing down.  Push on one of the sides of the magnetic oven lid with your finger and the lid will tilt off.

Fill the chamber with your favorite herb (Use the SLX 2.0 grinder for best results) and replace the magnetic lid. If you don’t want a full bowl, PAX has included a half-pack lid which greatly conserves herb. Turn on the unit and get ready for the PAX experience!

Let’s Concentrate

The PAX 3 is also capable of using concentrates with the concentrate insert that comes with the Complete Kit. To use the insert, take off the lid and place a small amount of wax inside the concentrate chamber. Put the lid back on and insert into the PAX. The first thing you will notice is that the oven lid does not sit flush with the bottom of the device. Don’t panic, this is normal!

Most dual-purpose vaporizers perform admirably at only 1 of their roles, and its usually not in favor of concentrates. Devices like this do not have the high temperature range that most wax flash-vaporizers have. Also, your wax session will last a bit longer with the PAX, as you are using a much lower temperature.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the PAX 3 performs better than average with concentrates! While this still should probably not be your first choice for concentrates only, it does a remarkable job of keeping up with your occasional wax usage. Alternatively, you could always put a small amount of concentrate in with your flower in the regular oven for an additional boost.


At first glance, one may wonder how to turn on the device as there are no buttons. A simple click on top of either of the 2 included mouthpieces brings the PAX 3 to life. The PAX 3 will vibrate to indicate it’s on. The LED light will slowly blink purple, signaling that it’s heating up. This will only take about 15 seconds to 20 seconds. When the PAX 3 is ready you will receive a gently vibration and the LED light will turn green.

When the device is on, you can check your battery life by giving PAX a gentle shake. White LED petals light up to indicate the battery level. Each petal represents a 25% charge on the battery, so you always have a good idea how much power you have remaining. Expect to get 8-10 sessions on a full charge, with recharging taking about 2 hours.

Controlling the Heat

The PAX 3 offers precision temperature control through the Pax App. The device itself lets you choose between 4 presets that you configure in the app and allows for easy cycling between them. Pushing down on the mouthpiece for about two seconds enters “temp set mode” and will display lights to show you current temperature.

  • Low: One Petal – Green
  • Medium: Two Petals – Yellow
  • Medium/High: Three Petals – Orange
  • High: Four Petals – Red

You can flip through the temp settings with short presses on the mouthpiece. Once you have reached your desired temperature, you can exit the temperature set mode by either performing another 2-second press or by simply shaking your device.

If you set your PAX 3 down for more than 30 seconds, the oven will slowly start to cool down to preserve battery life. The LED will show a blue wave in a downwards motion. Picking the PAX up will immediately begin heating up to your desired temperature again. If you stop using your PAX for three minutes, it will turn off completely to preserve battery life.

The App

Here is where the PAX 3 really shines. The PAX App offers 5 “Dynamic Modes” which offer precision temperature control allowing you to better manage both your flavor and your vapor output. The PAX App shows you real time temperatures via Bluetooth connection and allows for precise 1-degree adjustments. Additionally, the PAX App allows you to lock your PAX to prevent unauthorized use and features automatic firmware updates.

The PAX App offers:

  • Standard Mode: User-activated temp control.
  • Stealth Mode: For ultimate discretion.
  • Boost Mode: Keeps your device in high gear.
  • Flavor Mode: The most delicious possible.
  • Efficiency Mode: Don’t waste a drop.

Bottom Line

Elegant design, powerful performance, and ultimate flexibility. This is such a beautiful, well rounded vaporizer that it simply must be in your collection! You will quickly find this to be your vaporizer of choice! If anything were to go wrong, the PAX 3 comes with an astounding 10 Year Limited Warranty. Any company willing to stand behind their vaporizer for a decade shows that their products are built to last.

The ability to easily customize the PAX 3 to suit your needs is really convenient. Switching between modes is quick and painless letting you keep your focus on your session. Flavors from the stainless-steel vapor path are clean and refreshing, and vapor is adjustable from big clouds to a stealthier nothingness.

With all these features, its hard to pass up the PAX 3! In its price range, there are simply very few competitors that can match the features and quality of the PAX 3. Go ahead and pick yours out today, you deserve a great vape!

The PAX 3 Device Only is available for $199.99, while the PAX 3 Complete Kit retails for $249.99. The Complete kit Includes:

  • Concentrate Insert
  • Half Pack Oven Lid
  • Multi-Tool
  • 3 Screens

P.S. I highly recommend the PAX 3 Complete Kit, the additions make this vaporizer so much nicer!

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