One Hit Pipes: Things You Should Know Before Buying One

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One-hitter glass pipes are a great budget-friendly option for smokers who don’t want to spend a ton of money on a fancy water pipe but still enjoy smoking out of one from time to time. A one hit pipe can sometimes be made from many materials such as wood, glass, metal, plastic, and even bamboo.

According to reports, the cannabis vaporizers market is projected to reach a volume of 271,655 thousand units by 2031. With so many options, it’s essential to have all the information before purchasing. The following article explains the options available and how to choose a suitable smoking device.

What is a One-Hitter Pipe?

A one-hitter glass pipe, known as a bat or dugout, is a small single chamber device designed for smoking plant material in small amounts. 

They’re around the size of a baseball bat and feature a bowl on one end where you load your herbs and the opposite end, which is where you breathe through. One hitters are sometimes referred to as bats, dugouts, or one-hitters.

The Bat: The Traditional One Hitter

Traditionally, a one-hitter consists of just the pipe and the stem. Its simplicity makes it user-friendly and easy to carry around with you. Most bats are made from wood, but glass and metal ones are also available. 

A bat can be used to smoke dry herbs of varying consistencies, but it’s designed mainly for ground-up herbs, which you roll into a ball-like shape similar to how you would pack a joint. 

It gives the best flavor for less herb, but there are also options like flake pipes that can smoke loose leaf cannabis.

Flakes: The New Option

One hitters that contain a grinder card or gold flakes are similar to bats in that you pack them with dry herb. Grind your herb up, and then sprinkle it into the bowl to use one of these devices. There are several advantages to using a flakes pipe:

– looser packing and better airflow for more enormous hits

– no wood taste with moist herb since you don’t need to pack it so tightly

– no stems or seeds, making it easier to clean than a bat

– the grinder card will catch kief and pollen from your herb

Flakes were designed for loose leaf cannabis, but they can also smoke ground-up herb in a bat. They’re an excellent choice if you don’t like grinding or prefer a more blunt-style smoking experience.

The downside is that they’re typically a little harder to clean since the grinder card and flakes will get stuck in the bat or pipes chamber.

Features to Check While Buying One Hitters

If you  buy a one hit pipe, here are the features to consider.


It is crucial to keep in mind because different materials will give you other options for loading and cleaning your pipe. You can choose from wood, metal, or glass designs. Wood One hitters are usually made with hardwood like maple, cherry, or mahogany.

They usually burn faster than their other counterparts, but they also cool down more quickly. Glass is a reliable material that will not affect your smoke’s flavor. Metal one-hitters are usually made from aluminum or stainless steel, and they often come with a tool for grinding herbs built-in.


Disposable one-hitters are by far the most economical choice, but they do tend to break pretty quickly, so if you want a more long-term smoking device, consider buying an affordable metal pipe.


Smaller bats are easier to transport and conceal, but they also produce less smoke and don’t last very long. On the other hand, large bats have more smoke and can be shared with friends like a cigar. It all depends on your needs and how often you plan on smoking.


There are two main types of one-hitter bowl sizes: shallow and deep bowls. A shallow bowl covers less of the pipe, but it cools down faster. A deep bowl covers more of the line and offers a smoother hit for extended periods.


Some bats come with built-in grinders to save you from carrying around a separate tool. If you use loose-leaf cannabis most of the time, a grinder card or gold flakes will be a better option than a built-in grinder because it will also collect kief and pollen.

Flower/Wax Holder 

Some bats have one spot to hold dry herb and another spot to store waxy concentrates like hash oil, wax, and dabs. Make sure the bat you choose has a deep enough bowl to hold the amount of ground-up herb you like smoking and enough space to catch your dabs if it has a wax or hash oil spot.

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