NJ Governor Murphy Projects Adult Use Cannabis Legalization by January 2019

In his first budget address, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy today reaffirmed his commitment to promptly expand the state’s currently moribund medical marijuana program, and the full legalization of adult use marijuana by January 1, 2019.



In his address, Governor Murphy explained:

We must also make sure we are investing not just in individuals, but also in entire communities – particularly our long-overlooked urban neighborhoods. We must recommit to opening the doors to economic opportunity for the thousands of young men and women – especially young men and women of color – jailed for non-violent drug-related offenses. Our current system has failed them, and put a mark on them that they will carry for their entire lives, preventing them from furthering their educations or getting jobs.


It’s the principal reason I advocate for legalizing adult-use marijuana. According to research, New Jersey spends upwards of $140 million per year adjudicating low-level marijuana possession offenses. And, marijuana-related arrest rates are tilted three-to-one against African-Americans, even though rates of marijuana use are similar among races. [Read More @ Lexology.com]

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