Need Help Clearing Your Record of Marijuana Charges? There’s a Free Expungement Fair in LA on Saturday

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Medible review need help clearing your record of marijuana charges theres a free expungement fair in la on saturday

LOS ANGELES, CA — On Saturday, December 2nd, there will be an expungement fair in Los Angeles, CA for people who are looking to get their felony records reduced, dismissed, or expunged of their criminal record.

For anyone who has a criminal record of any kind, attorneys and paralegals from the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office will be onsite providing free post-conviction relief.

The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles will also be onsite assisting people who have convictions outside of Los Angeles County.

Participants will be able to find out if they can remove their conviction from their record or if it can be reduced to a lower penalty, and will receive help to do so.

The Drug Policy Alliance and its partners have hosted dozens of similar events, and have helped hundreds of people get their records changed.

California voters passed Prop. 64 – a marijuana legalization initiative – last November. Not only did Prop. 64 legalize marijuana for adults, it allows people with marijuana convictions to get their records changed or even completely expunged, depending on how their crime would have been interpreted under the new law.

In the state of California, there are 4,800 barriers to housing, employment, and citizenship that exists for someone with a criminal record. Reducing or expunging prior convictions, including prior marijuana convictions, removes thousands of barriers that allow people to fully reenter their community and society.


“California’s historic marijuana legalization initiative has helped thousands clear or reduce a marijuana conviction from their record,” said Eunisses Hernandez, a California policy coordinator for the Drug Policy Alliance. “But we need to get the word out to the tens of thousands of other Californians who could benefit from this groundbreaking provision.”

The event will take place Saturday, December 2nd, 2017, from 10 am until 2 pm PST, at 3750 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007.

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