How To Make Your Vape Battery Last Longer

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The vaping trend is slowly gaining adoption across the world. More people are turning to try vaping pens for consuming marijuana and various other herbs. This newfound interest stems from several claims suggesting vaping may be a safer alternative to smoking marijuana.

However, when seasons change, cold weather can play havoc with your vaporizer’s battery in winter. Every portable vaporizer’s heart is its vape battery. It determines how long your vaporizer will operate between charges and gives it the electricity it needs. For your vape device to last, you must take proper care of the batteries. 

The cold weather is not a battery’s friend, regardless of the type—the cold hampers efficient discharging whether the battery is a replacement or integrated one. As a result, you’ll notice a change in the vape battery’s performance in cold temperatures and how long it lasts.

Optimize better performance of your vaping kit with the following simple, easy-to-follow tips.

1. Pick the Appropriate Fit of the Charger

Choosing the appropriate charger is the first step when dealing with batteries. Choosing the correct charger for your battery is crucial because some modules have specific charger designs that must use them. While charging, the suitable charger guarantees that the proper amount of power is given and lowers stress. The following step is to charge your battery slowly. You may believe that charging the battery will guarantee to enjoy the juice for a long time. However, charging your battery to 100% can damage it. Be careful to only charge between 85 and 90 per cent. Placing your batteries for charging at the appropriate time is the last step. Draining your vape batteries’ charge can ruin their life cycle. Your battery can become strained if it has to start from scratch each time. To Charge your battery when it is between 20 and 30 per cent full guarantees that it will survive longer and endure more astronomical charge cycles. Significantly, acquiring the best 510-thread battery precedes maintenance practices.

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2. Store your Batteries Properly

Consider the scenario where you spend the entire day carrying a vape pen. The battery could be taken out and put in your pocket. This behavior will result in a buildup of dust or dirt on the nodes’ sides. When you put the battery inside the pen, the dirt disrupts the connection between the device and the battery, causing the battery to drain more than is necessary. This kind of issue is typical if your batteries are not stored properly. Additionally, behaviors like keeping your cells close to gadgets like refrigerators or TVs or in hot situations like those under direct sunlight harm them.

After charging your battery, keep it in a cool and dry location. However, don’t leave the battery unattended for too long, as it will cease performing ideally.

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3. Acquire a Backup Pair of Batteries

If you frequently use your vape pens, switching your batteries with a second set can help them last longer. Utilizing the two batteries equally in this situation is crucial to remember. While keeping your battery in your luggage for an extended time for backup may seem like a good idea, it shortens its lifespan. Inactive batteries begin to lose effectiveness.

As a result, alternate between these batteries at least once every three days. Doing this will prolong the life of both batteries and ensure you get more use out of the e-juices.

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4. Power off if Not in Use

It is a prevalent misperception that electronic devices don’t utilize energy when idle or in sleep mode. When you are not using your vape pen, some current constantly flows through the device, which means you are draining the battery. The best approach to conserve battery is to turn it off when not in use, just like with any other electrical or electronic component. You will also drain your battery if you press the power button while not vaping. Your battery will, therefore, last longer between charges if you don’t repeatedly deplete it.

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5. Maintain the Cleanliness of your Vape Pen

To make sure your vape pen receives enough power, make it a practice to regularly clean every component of it, including the battery connector. Clean the filters to ensure no residues could clog the outlets and make it more challenging to provide the same efficiency with the same amount of power. Ideally, invest in vape pens with the most replaceable components possible because cleaning will be more convenient. 

Final Remarks

Keep in mind that batteries lose their power over time. Nevertheless, our advice will enable you to maximize their functionality during the available time. Depending on its wattage and how frequently you use it, experts advise that you completely replace your vape battery every 6 to 12 months. Considering you acquire a backup pair of batteries, as recommended in the article, you are likely to stay longer before replacing the batteries. 

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