How to Host the Best Marijuana Thanksgiving Party

When you ask a stoner to name their favorite holiday, Thanksgiving is typically in the top three.

An endless feast without judgment? Count. Me. In.

Well, this year, we’re elevating the holiday. It’s time to put a twist on this traditional feast and bring it into This Cannabis Life, don’t you think? Welcome to Danksgiving.


There’s nothing more rewarding than gathering around a table of like-minded cannabis lovers, sharing delicious homemade food, laughs, and of course, great weed!

This Cannabis Life, aka creative entrepreneur Morgan English, has devoted her business to shattering the stoner stigma against cannabis users. As a professional artist from Southern California with an eye for clean design, her experience as a lifestyle and family portrait photographer has provided her with a modern perspective she has channeled into the cannabis industry — and people can’t get enough. Morgan swaps tie-dye and four-foot bongs for sophisticated ceramic pipes and fashionable cannabis flat-lays to bring “This Cannabis Life” into the 21st century.

With the help of Morgan, let’s all take our friends on a journey this Thanksgiving and show them what This new Cannabis Life is all about.

The Accessories


Pipe or artistic sculpture? Maybe both? Your friends will never know until you start packing a bowl. For a night like this, set aside those resin-filled glass pipes for some beautiful pieces that double as table-decor. Morgan recommends Stoned Ware artisanal ceramic pipes. This one-hitter with rich metallic highlights is perfect for quick flavor samples.

Since not everyone loves to smoke, Morgan recommends including a “healthier” option. Her go-to vaporizer is the Fez Vaporizer. Clean design, long battery life, and smooth, flavorful hits make this one of the top flower vapes on the market.

And don’t forget the oil rigs! Stay equipped with a torch and a rig to please those hash-lovers.

The Weed


Just like hosting any ole’ party, you wouldn’t assume that everyone would be happy drinking only red wine. Variety is the spice of life and every party needs some spice. Provide a variety of cannabis to appease everyone’s palettes.

Pre-rolls are a great way to skip the sticky step and get straight to the goods — pictured are strain-specific Kingpins from TKO Reserve, organic flower rolled in organic hemp paper for an extra smooth, clean and flavorful smoke.

Sometimes nothing can beat getting down and dirty with fresh flower — try to provide a variety of buds on the terpene spectrum. Buds with bright, citrus aromas will provide an energetic buzz, while buds with lavender and pine aromas will help your guests digest post-feast.

On the concentrated side, it’s also nice to provide variety. Something like rosin will provide a very mellow high (~50% THC) while distillate or crystalline can be reserved for the heavy-hitters (80-99% THC). Since hash has the possibility of becoming a hot + sticky mess, you could always provide a myriad of vape pen flavors such as the line-up from Select. The variety of flavor cannabinoid profiles will ensure everyone is happy.

Host Pro-tip: Provide your guests with ample CBD, either in flower, tincture, or water form. If too much THC is consumed, CBD will help reduce the intense high.

The Decor


One scroll through Morgan’s Instagram feed and you’ll see the girl knows her textures. Bringing in layers of organic texture to your Danksgiving table elevates it instantly. Keeping to the same color family keeps it clean and modern. Warm, autumn colors such as cream, yellows, and oranges bring in the spirit of the fall holiday.

There’s nothing like celebrating the end of harvest season than a table strewn with fresh cannabis leaves. Decorating with fresh or dried leaves brings the liveliness of the outdoors into the comfort of your home. Try mixing with some freshly fallen autumn leaves for a pop of color.


The Drinks


Now, let’s quench that thirst.

Since alcohol and cannabis don’t always mix well, let’s try out a cannabis-infused “mocktail” to really elevate your Danksgiving party. It’s way easier than you might think!

At your local dispensary, you’ll find a variety of tinctures for sale. Tinctures are a super easy way to add some canna-oomph to an average beverage. Add a couple drops of tincture to apple cider or ginger ale for a festive fall drink. If you want to stay away from THC drinks, you can always buy CBD-only tincture to add to your drink of choice — I love adding it to Champagne.

The Food

Now to the good stuff … what Danksgiving is really about: the FOOD.

An entirely medicated meal is definitely a big (and experimental) task. Unless you’re a professional edibles chef, you’re never going to know exactly how much THC you’re about to serve your friends — nobody wants to spend Thanksgiving night with a bad case of the spins. We’ve found the best solution to preventing overindulgence is to offer infused toppings. Rather than making medicated mashed potatoes, infuse the gravy that goes on top — so your friends can dose themselves. And from experience, remember to include non-infused toppings on the table so that you’re not limiting your gravy intake. Mixing in a low-dose RSO is one of the best ways to infuse savory toppings.

Here comes the dessert bar — everyone’s favorite indulgent (sometimes regretful) last stop of the night. From elevated brownie bars to pumpkin pie and everything in between — when it comes to cannabis and desserts, the more the merrier. To avoid another over-medicated moment, try whipping up infused dessert toppings such as whipped cream or a fruity syrup glaze. If you have left-over tincture from your cannabis mocktails, you can add a couple drops to your dessert topping for an easy infusion.

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