How to Get Serious About De-stressing

It isn’t hard to see why so many of us are constantly combating stress. Economic insecurity, demanding jobs and pressing family obligations are just a few of the things that cause our stress levels to skyrocket. While feeling stressed is perfectly normal, opting to ignore the problem can have serious consequences for both your physical health and psychological well-being. So, if your stress levels have grown out of control, you’d do well to face the problem head-on. Anyone who’s ready to get serious about de-stressing should consider the following measures.

Exercise on a Regular Basis 

Regular exercise helps release endorphins, which can provide you with a healthier outlook and effectively decrease your stress levels. When many people hear the word “exercise,” they assume it refers to overexertion and the testing of physical limits. While this certainly describes a type of exercise, you needn’t work out to the point of exhaustion to enjoy the benefits of physical fitness. Just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day can be enough to get your endorphins up and diminish any stress you’re feeling. 

So, if you’re not into strength-training or other workout activities that entail copious exertion, there’s no need to worry. Engaging in some light cardio should be enough to provide you with the results you seek. Going for a half-hour walk, jog or bike ride in the evening can be a great way to fulfill your daily workout quota and ensure that you stay consistently active.   

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Seek Professional Mental Health Assistance 

When it comes to treating ballooning stress levels – or virtually any other mental health affliction – there’s no substitute for professional help. A good therapist can be a boon to your stress reduction efforts and help you overcome a host of psychological problems. In addition to providing you with a sympathetic ear, the right therapist will offer you invaluable advice and teach you a practical assortment of coping techniques. 

Many people shy away from therapy because of its purportedly high cost. While it’s true that therapy can be expensive, there are a number of ways you can receive mental health assistance for next to nothing – if not literally nothing. For starters, you can try looking for a therapist who charges on a sliding scale. This ensures that the cost of your sessions corresponds to your current financial situation. Additionally, some therapists even offer their services free of charge to patients who are in dire financial straits. If you’re able to afford health insurance, look for plans that provide coverage for mental health matters. Furthermore, if you’re unable to afford health insurance, look for free plans in the Healthcare Marketplace or consider applying for Medicaid.    

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Enjoy Relaxing Pastimes  

While certain hobbies and pastimes can excite our minds and get us firing on all cylinders, it’s important to know when – and how – to relax. As such, no matter how stimulating your usual pastimes are, you should make a point of finding some hobbies that serve you relax you. Deep-breathing exercises, reading and journaling are just a few pastimes that can help clear your mind and dissolve stress. 

Such pastimes can be particularly helpful when enjoyed in the leadup to bedtime. So, about half an hour before calling it a day, turn off all your screens and engage in hobbies intended to soothe and relax. In addition to calming your mind, this will help enhance your quality of slumber – which is very fortuitous, as proper sleep habits are another tenet of effective stress relief.   

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Use Cannabis Products 

If you live in a state in which cannabis use is legal, you should consider incorporating medical and recreational marijuana products into your stress relief regimen. Some strains of cannabis are cultivated with stress relief in mind, and if you’re unclear on which strains will prove beneficial to stress reduction, simply consult an expert at your preferred dispensary. 

Stress relief should be among everyone’s foremost priorities. When left unchecked, stress will often work to overtake virtually every area of our lives. Fortunately, stopping stress in its tracks isn’t nearly as daunting as you may think. Adopting a few common-sense anti-stress measures and making some healthy lifestyle changes can go a long way towards making your stress levels more manageable. With this in mind, anyone ready to send stress packing should heed the tips discussed above.   

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