How does THC affect the body?

Medible review THC

THC, or cannabis, is consumed all over the world, and it’s no secret that many use it for medical purposes, but some use it for recreational purposes. But either way, there are some effects of cannabis on different parts of our body, which makes it important to know what kind of effects it has. There have been ongoing studies on how cannabis interacts with our system, but there is less known about CBD as compared to THC.

For those who don’t know, CBD and THC are two major compounds in marijuana that interact with the endocannabinoid system of our body. The only difference between the two is that the CBD compound is a non-psychoactive product, which means it does not cause a high. On the other hand, THC is the compound responsible for getting its users high.

So let’s study the compound that we do know affects us, which is THC:

THC and its effects on different body parts

Medible review THC Effects on the body

Effects of THC on the brain

The major part of our body that gets flushed with marijuana side effects is our brain, and as expected, the brain faces many side effects, some of which are:

The issue of memory retention

THC interacts with the hippocampus’s processes, which are responsible for information processing and help create new memories. However, when THC interacts with this part of the brain, its ability to process new information is hampered, resulting in memory problems.

High levels of dopamine release

The two main compounds that can make any substance addictive are dopamine and serotonin. That is because both of these compounds are responsible for making us feel happy; they act as a reward system. Some substances are capable of making your brain release this dopamine in certain amounts, which compels us to take in more of the said substance.

The same is the case with dopamine released from TikTok and Instagram, which is also known as cheap dopamine. Cannabis also releases a large amount of dopamine, which causes the feeling of euphoria and heightens sensory perception. But even after so much dopamine is released, very few people show the symptoms of addiction to weed or marijuana.

Slow reaction time

Since marijuana affects one’s perception of the world, balance is also compromised, along with coordination and reflexes. That’s also a reason why it’s considered unsafe to drive after smoking pot.

Effects of THC on eyes        

One of the most difficult diseases to treat in the eye category is glaucoma, which occurs due to high intraocular pressure in the eye. Glaucoma leads to serious damage to the optic nerve that can cause blind spots or even blindness in the affected eye. Glaucoma is preventive, though, and one can deal with the symptoms by using medications that help lower intraocular pressure.

Some studies have shown the potential of marijuana in lowering eye pressure, though some gray areas need to be figured out before administering marijuana as a potential treatment for glaucoma.

Effects of THC on the Immune System

There are signs that marijuana might be responsible for a weak immune system, which might be bad news for some people but is beneficial for those who suffer from autoimmune diseases.

Effects of THC on inflammation

Inflammation of any type inside the body and joints causes a great deal of pain, especially in the case of arthritis, which is the inflammation of the joints. Many studies show that marijuana can help with inflammation and reduce the pain caused by inflammation.

Effects of THC on digestion

THC relieves nausea and vomiting while also increasing appetite. This is beneficial for people suffering from cancer and HIV treatment who frequently face nausea.

Effects of THC on pregnancy

Cannabis can affect the development of the baby and hinder its ability to learn, concentrate, and develop problem-solving skills. That’s why it is advised not to smoke pot or drink alcohol during pregnancy.

Bottom line

Medible review Medical Marijuana Card

There are many benefits to consuming cannabis or its compounds in concentrated forms like capsules, oil, and edible gummies. But it is important to get the medication prescribed by your medical doctor. This is important because a professional can look into your condition and help you determine how much marijuana you have to take and in what potency. To make sure you are legally protected to use marijuana for medical purposes, it is important to have a medical marijuana card. You can apply for a medical card online through different services, like Online Medical Card.

In the end, although it is very rare to overdose on marijuana, it is necessary to consume it with precaution. You must be under the supervision of your doctor or nearby ones while using marijuana. Avoid driving and going to work under the influence, as it can cause you some harsh reprimands.

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