How Does Marijuana Affect Sleep?

Marijuana is no longer just for stoners wearing frayed denims wanting to get as high as a kite and watch Microcosmos; cannabis is also for retirees and high-performing professionals and vets who may have no interest in getting high but want to sleep soundly and without pain.

In a recent survey of medical marijuana users, 76 percent of respondents reported using cannabis for relaxation and 65 percent as a sleep aid. The survey, conducted by HelloMD—the “largest community of patients using marijuana for health and wellness in the country”—also found that comorbid, insomnia-inducing factors were also popular reasons for weed intake: stress and depression. As many as 84 percent respondents reported that the mind-altering, psychoactive drug provides them with a significant relief of symptoms, and 96 percent of users said they’d recommend marijuana to their friends.

But do peer-reviewed studies support this enthusiasm? In this article, we take a look at the latest and most robust research regarding using marijuana for sleep.



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