How Do I Renew My Medical Marijuana Card?

A medical marijuana card can be immensely beneficial for many people, offering medical access to marijuana in states where recreational marijuana isn’t yet legal and offering reduced fees for medical patients in states where it is. However, when it comes to renewing a marijuana card, the process can seem daunting. As long as you understand the process a bit, it’s likely not to be as difficult as it could be otherwise. Here are the four steps you’ll typically go through when renewing your medical marijuana card.

1. Knowing How Long Your Card Is Good For

The first step is something that you should know long before you have to renew your card. In most states, your medical marijuana card is good for 12 months from the original point where you received it. However, different states may or may not require that you have regular appointments with a doctor to maintain the card. Additionally, some states may have a longer or shorter requirement. It’s all about the individual state, which is why it’s good to familiarize yourself with that information.

2. Getting Together All the Necessary Documentation

Next, you’ll need to get together documentation for your renewal appointment. Typically, you’ll need your state ID, your current medical marijuana card, and any medical documentation that has come up between the last time you applied and now. This includes documentation stating that the medical marijuana has been beneficial for you, documentation about how your condition may have changed, and documentation that states you still have the condition.

3. Seeing the Doctor for a Renewal

Now it’s time to actually see your doctor to get the renewal. You’ll typically want to go to the same doctor that you went to for the original certification, just because the process will typically be easier and may also be cheaper. However, if you no longer have access to that doctor, it’s also possible to see a new doctor. The new doctor needs to be equally qualified for medical marijuana certification in your state.

4. Submitting Everything to the State

Once you have everything in order, including your doctor’s recertification, you’ll need to submit it all to the state. Again, different states have different requirements for this. You may need to submit a paper document or you may be able to submit your recertification online. Either way, however, you’ll need to submit it by a specific point, typically at least a few days before your current medical marijuana card expires. Then, you’ll receive an approval letter and your new medical marijuana card.


The process of renewing a medical marijuana card can be nerve-wracking; after all, it can be easy to worry about what might happen if you mess up the renewal process. However, in practice, renewing a medical marijuana card can be much easier than it seems. Plus, your doctor has likely done this many times before. They can guide you through the process no problem, making it much easier for you to renew your card.

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