Gummies – A Deliciously Delightful Dose of CBD

Medible review CBD gummies

The search for natural alternatives in the health and wellbeing market has been made easier with the relaxation of laws surrounding the cannabis plant. For thousands of years, the well documented benefits of CBD have fallen under the same bureaucratic red tape as many other medicines and drugs deemed illicit.

Without any psycho-active effects, this meant most of the world has needlessly lived without access to the compound, which provides many benefits. Fortunately, we seemed to have turned a corner and the world now, for the most part, is once again championing the positive effects of CBD.

An extensive list of products by which you can deliver a CBD dose, seems to be continually growing. With drinks, drops, creams, oils, vapes and many others occupying the market, it’s easy to find something that works for you and fits into your lifestyle.

A Spoonful of Sugar

They say that which tastes bad, is usually good for you; and CBD oils are no different. The tinctures produced after extracting the compound from the plant are bitter in taste and tend to linger. Finding ways to counter that has therefore become the challenge for CBD vendors.

A go to for many, is the gummy. Gummies, such as Gummy Bears, are a gelatin based sweet that can be found in sweetshops all over the world. Combining them with a dose of CBD, makes for a simple, flavoursome method of delivery.

Combatting the taste of the tincture with gummies presents an enjoyable way to take CBD. Not only that, the regulation of your dose is also taken care of, meaning you can be precise about exactly how much you are taking. Recommendations for doses are around 20-30mg per day, although you can take more, however, it is also recommended you don’t exceed 70mg.

Why Gummies are Great

CBD gummies look no different from a regular sweet. Small, colorful and discreet, they can easily be carried about in a small pack in your pocket.

As well as colourful and compact, the gummies come in a range of fruity flavours such as strawberry, lemon and lime, mango and raspberry. This helps to mask the taste of the oils, which are overpowered by the sweet flavours of the gummy.

Just like their sweetshop counterparts, the gummies are both chewy and delicious. They come in various shapes and sizes and with measured doses of CBD in each sweet, are the perfect way to enjoy the compound’s benefits.

With the delivery coming through your digestive system, the effects of CBD gummies are relatively long lasting compared to drops or oils. This does mean that it can take a little longer to feel the effects. But with just one gummy containing around 20mg of CBD, you should feel the effects from around 4-6 hours.

Goodrays, a UK based CBD vendor, offer some of the UKs highest quality CBD products. Their products use Colorado grown CBD which has been stringently tested for quality and THC content, which stands at 0%. Their CBD gummies contain a higher than average 25mg of CBD, making them the most effective on the market. You can visit their store here –

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