Netflix cancels marijuana sitcom “Disjointed”

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Medible review netflix cancels marijuana sitcom disjointed

Netflix is extinguishing pot comedy “Disjointed” after just one season.

The Chuck Lorre-produced show starred Kathy Bates as Los Angeles dispensary owner and featured comedians Tone BellNicole Sullivan, Elizabeth Ho and Aaron Moten.

Its demise is being pinned to harsh reviews, including one we published by Orange County Register’s Rob Lowman.

“There are a few laughs, but I can pretty much assure you that you won’t get addicted,” Lowman wrote when the show premiered in August.

Michael Trucco, one of the actors who had a supporting role on the short-lived show, announced its cancellation on Twitter on Feb 14.

Netflix is shopping the series around, Deadline reports, so “Disjointed” may be fired up again by another studio.

Watch the original trailer for “Disjointed”

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