Complete Guide to Alternative Cannabis Products

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The cannabis industry has expanded enormously in recent years, with recent research and medical studies proving once and for all that marijuana is much more than a simple recreational drug. It offers a huge range of health and wellness benefits, from easing stress and anxiety to soothing pain and calming inflammation, leading more and more people to take an active interest in cannabis products.

How to Buy Cannabis Products?

In states where cannabis is legal for recreational purposes, people over 21 years old can purchase licensed cannabis dispensaries. In other places, marijuana is only legal for medical use, patients must first receive a recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor, who will then issue a medical marijuana card. With this card, patients can purchase cannabis from licensed medical dispensaries. Additionally, there are certain states where marijuana is still illegal and cannot be purchased there for any reason.

If you’re a new cannabis user and aren’t sure where to start it might seem overwhelming. Whether you’re interested in the medical aspect of marijuana or the recreational use it’s best to have someone to talk to who is well informed in the topic. You can always start by finding the nearest cannabis dispensary in your area. There, you’ll not only find a good selection of alternative cannabis products to purchase, but you’ll also find friendly, informative staff members who will be able to answer questions and provide recommendations to beginners.

It’s also possible to purchase alternative cannabis products online from various e-shops and online stores. This can be a good way to get cannabis products delivered right to your door with minimal hassle, but you have to be careful when choosing the sites you use, making sure to only order from safe and trusted stores.

Types of Cannabis Products

The cannabis plant is one of the most versatile of all plants, and it can be used in a huge range of different ways. This has led to the incredible expansion of the cannabis industry and the emergence of many new types of cannabis products in recent years. In general, we can divide cannabis products into two main types: smokable and non-smokable.

Smokable Products

Smokable cannabis products are those cannabis products that can be smoked and consumed in the most traditional way, either by being placed in a pipe, rolled in a joint, or vaporized with the help of a vape device or dab rig. Examples of smokable cannabis products include cannabis flowers, cannabis strains, and cannabis extracts.

Non-Smokable Products

The term “non-smokable cannabis products” is applied as an umbrella term to cover all of the different types of products that are derived from cannabis or have cannabis as a key ingredient but aren’t consumed via smoking or vaporizing. These products are used in other ways, such as being eaten, dropped under the tongue, cooked with, or applied topically to the skin. Examples include cannabis tinctures, edibles, and topicals.

Types of Alternative (Non-Smokable) Cannabis Products

What are Tinctures and How Do They Work?

Cannabis tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis products. In other words, they’re alcohol solutions that have been infused with cannabis. Back before the days of cannabis prohibition, cannabis tinctures were very popular and widely used for medicinal purposes, and nowadays, they’re seen as a good option for beginners looking for an introduction to the world of smokeless cannabis consumption.

Cannabis tinctures can be used very easily. The most common method is to simply use a dropper to drop the tincture or oil directly under the tongue. It will then be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and start triggering effects throughout the body. Dosages can be varied to deliver different intensities of the effects.

What are Topicals and How Do They Work?

Cannabis topicals is another increasingly common term that you may have heard among cannabis enthusiast circles and communities. These products can come in many forms, such as creams, balms, serums, lotions, and even sunscreens. The only key factor that unites them is that they’re all applied “topically”, meaning that they’re applied directly to the skin.

These products may offer a range of both wellness and cosmetic benefits. They may work in similar ways to regular sunscreens and lotions, but with the added benefits that come with cannabinoid ingredients like CBD to help with pain relief and soothing inflammation.

What are Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis edibles are hugely popular at the moment and have been a big part of the cannabis scene for many years. These products, as the name implies, can be eaten, which leads to slower release times of the effects but usually results in much longer-lasting and more potent effects for the user. Edibles can come in many forms like cookies, brownies, and gummy candies. You can buy them pre-made or make your own.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you see the difference between some of the many different types of cannabis products that are out there at the moment. Remember to visit a local marijuana store in your area to find out more and get the best product recommendations.

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