“Colas the size of my forearm’: Organigram’s indoor cannabis grow-house yielding impressive plants

A uniformed jungle of cannabis plants sway like heavy pendulums in an airlocked grow room where everything – from light, to heat, to humidity – is measured, tightly controlled down to fractions of degrees.

“Look at the size of this one,” says Organigram’s head of production, Matt Rogers, gently cradling one of the massive, dense buds with a gloved hand. “It’s got to be at least 12 grams on its own.”



And even by the medical cannabis producer’s standards, where indoor growing has become something of a fine science, this crop of CBD Shark (or as Organigram has dubbed it, Baleen) is going to yield impressive top colas. The flowers are so heavy that had the stems not been fortified solid by an even, steady breeze over the past nine weeks, they may well have broken under the weight.

“Baleen is a high-yielding plant by nature, but we’ve never really seen anything quite like this from it before,” Rogers continued. “My team is set to harvest these plants next week, and I’m certain they’re going to clip colas the size of my forearm.”


(Victoria Dekker, Civilized)

With the steady growth of the medical marketplace and with preparations for the fast-approaching adult recreational market well underway, the cannabis industry in Canada is growing at a staggering pace.

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