Cannabis analyzer company raises $2.25M

Medible review cannabis analyzer company raises 2 25m

An Israeli company that has been working on a commercial-scale cannabis analyzer has completed a $2.25 million Series A-1 round of funding.

GemmaCert, based in Tel Aviv, will launch its cannabis potency analyzer by the same name at this week’s Emerald Conference in San Diego, a gathering focused on science and cannabis.

The GemmaCert analyzer is about the size of a kitchen appliance, and can be used by both commercial and home-growers, the company said.

Medible review cannabis analyzer company raises 2 25mThe $2.25 million will be used to launch the product, accelerate execution of business development plans, recruit new personnel, “and drive us to generate first revenues in 2018,” CEO Dr. Guy Setton said in a press release.

GemmaCert, founded in 2015, has raised more than $3 million to date.

The funding round was led by: Arba Finance in Tel Aviv; NEO Ventures in Bern, Switzerland; and Stony Hill Corp., Damian Marley’s company based in Beverly Hill Corp.

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