Beginners Guide to Vaping Cannabis – 6 Things to Know

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Cannabis consumption is rising, with statistics showing 17.9% of Americans as active cannabis consumers in 2020. The precious herb is available in various administrative forms, including vapes.

Vaping is a popular cannabis consumption method since it is considered less harmful than smoking, has high bioavailability, facilitates easy dosage, and is discreet. However, cannabis vaping is a unique experience, having quite the learning curve.

If you are new to vaping cannabis, you could do with some pointers. Lucky for you, that is what this beginners’ guide is all about, so keep reading to discover basic cannabis vaping etiquette.

Find The Ideal Device For You

When it comes to cannabis vaping devices, there are plenty of options for vaping vape juice, concentrates like shatter, or dry herb. Extracts and concentrates are versatile device-wise, but the herb requires specialized vaping devices like the exceptional DynaVap dry herb vaporizer. To check out more products, click get the best cbd disposable vape.

Cannabis dry herb vaporizers use indirect heating to convert cannabinoids and other phytochemicals into vapor. Dry herb vapes utilizing conduction heating require a tight pack to facilitate efficient heat transfer. In contrast, those featuring a convection heat chamber need a lighter pack for efficient heat transfer.

Another factor to consider regarding devices is your preferred use. The most popular cannabis vape devices include vape pens, pods, and mods, each with varying portability, flexibility, and complexity levels.

Vape pens are the most straightforward, beginner-friendly devices featuring minimal controls. On the other hand, vape pods vary; some are frill-free, while others have bells and whistles for a customized vaping experience. Moreover, some are exclusively for either dry herbs or extracts, while others contain two pod capsules, one for each consumable cannabis form.

Vape mods are the biggest and most complex cannabis vape devices; some are portable while others are desktop devices. Desktop vape mods are ideal for use during social gatherings at home or for lengthy single-person vaping sessions.

Therefore, before purchasing a cannabis vape device, consider your preferences like portability, experience customization, cost, and socialization. Such factors should help you select the device to meet your needs.

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Be Open To The Experience

Besides the technical aspect of selecting and learning to use cannabis vaping devices, the physiological experience is unique. For starters, if you are privy to smoking joints, you are used to a warming sensation from the inhaled cannabis smoke.

In contrast, vaped cannabis slaps differently and may shock your system a bit since the inhaled vapor is cool. However, most vape devices, especially pods and mods, feature temperature controls, allowing you to adjust the temperature to your desired setting.

Additionally, drags and draws may also feel different, especially if you switched from joints to cannabis vaping. The mouthpiece may feel strange, and the draws may be tighter than you anticipated. However, these are things you can overcome with a bit of practice.

Check Cannabinoid Concentrations and Monitor Your Dosage

Regardless of whether you are vaping on cannabis extracts, dry flowers, or concentrates, you need to know the product’s cannabinoid content. THC concentration is crucial because it is the primary psychoactive compound. Ignore THC levels, and you could end up with an overwhelming or ineffective product. 

Also, despite how pleasant cannabis vaping is, you need to monitor dosage to avoid undesirable experiences like paranoia. Maintain a 30-60 second interval between your draws, allowing the vapor time to kick in.  However, you don’t need to hold the vapor in for that long, just inhale and exhale because vaping’s high bioavailability means extra-fast cannabinoid absorption.

Once you achieve your desired effects, have the discipline to stop and enjoy the “high.” Unlike with joints and edibles, vaping sessions are easy to cut off with no product wastage.

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Consider Cannabis Product Quality

Cannabis vaping products are not made equal. Furthermore, cannabis vaping is a sensory experience, meaning you need to select products that appeal to you.

Start by choosing terpene profiles and cannabis extract flavors that rhyme with your palate. Some vape juice manufacturers sell all-natural extracts, while others use secondary ingredients like polypropylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Therefore, look out for these secondary ingredient content and research how they affect your vaping experience and overall health.

Also, watch out for extracts and concentrates with weird consistency, color, or texture, as they probably have impurities. You can read reviews on various brands to establish trustworthy cannabis vape product vendors.

Proper Vape Device Maintenance is Key

You should schedule a time to regularly tend to your vape device, ensuring optimal performance and an excellent vaping experience. Proper vape device maintenance entails regularly cleaning your device, especially before refilling vape juice and changing vape coils. A vape coil replacement is also a crucial vape device maintenance element. 

An improperly maintained device taints your cannabis products’ taste, hampers vapor production, produces acrid flavors, and more often than not dies before its projected shelf life.

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Budget For Cannabis Vaping

Buying a premium vaping device and accessories like a grinder, packing tools, filling tools, and batteries might seem expensive. However, once you purchase the starter pack, recurrent expenditure on cannabis vape products and vape coils is on the lower side. Therefore, invest in sturdy devices and accessories that last long.


Vaping cannabis is a safe and fulfilling way to enjoy the herb, but it takes time and practice to master. Hopefully, the above tips should give you a head start in navigating cannabis vaping.

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